For individuals and companies seeking to enhance their storage capabilities, this article offers practical information on optimizing warehouse efficiency. Drawing from Georgia’s storage examples, particularly Stepan Company and Hormel Foods Corp, we provide valuable insights and tips for success. This page will inform and inspire those aiming to refine their warehousing strategies.

In the heart of Georgia’s industrious landscape, spanning from bustling Atlanta to the dynamic city of Columbus, lies an epicenter of warehousing innovation. Stepan Company, a leader in manufacturing, and Hormel Foods Corp, a renowned name in food processing, exemplify the state’s commitment to custom warehouse design.


Stepan Company: Synthesizing Efficiency in Manufacturing

Stepan Company, headquartered in Tucker, Georgia, specializes in ingredient manufacturing. This industry demands precision and efficiency, making their warehouse design crucial for success. Their choice of pallet flow and pushback systems for ingredient manufacturing demonstrates a keen understanding of the need for streamlined operations. 

AK worked with Stepan Company to design a 20-wide, 15-deep, 4-high run of pallet flow, creating 1,200 new unique pallet positions for their super sack storage. An additional 117 pallet position pushback system accommodated incompatible pallets.

“The company needed a high-density system, but they had variability in their product and pallet size. We were able to overcome this roadblock through extensive pallet testing and used pushback racking for some pallets that were incompatible with the pallet flow system.”

Brian Koski, Warehouse Design SpecialistBrian Koski, Senior Warehouse Design Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

Upgrading to a custom pallet flow system and pushback racking allowed for faster fulfillment of client orders, improved storage efficiency, and streamlined operations, resulting in quicker response times to market demands. Serving a diverse clientele, Stepan Company’s warehouses are designed to maintain high-quality standards while ensuring quick and efficient product access.

Supersack on a pallet

Stepan super sack storage

Hormel Foods Corp: Culinary Efficiency in Food Processing

Similarly, Hormel Foods Corp, with facilities in Atlanta and Columbus, is a testament to the effectiveness of strategic warehouse planning in the food processing sector. They have adopted a galvanized structural drive-in rack system, which plays a significant role in enhancing their pallet storage in a shipping area. 

Galvanized racking is sanitary and corrosion resistant, which is an important factor in food processing facilities. This system allows for better space utilization,  ensuring product availability and easy access to perishable goods, ensuring Hormel Foods Corp can swiftly meet the demands of their extensive customer base, ranging from retail to hospitality sectors.

One roadblock in this project was designing a 3-4 high drive-in system while retaining compatibility with Hormel’s forklifts. Many warehouse designers neglect to consider forklift accessibility when designing a drive-in system, only to find that the installed system is unusable. AK recognized and designed around the forklift, providing a custom, functional storage system to meet Hormel’s needs.

Strategic Warehouse Solutions: From E-commerce to Automotive Manufacturing

Both companies exemplify the importance of customized storage solutions. Georgia, a hub for industries like e-commerce, logistics, automotive manufacturing, and warehousing, benefits greatly from such innovative approaches. E-commerce and logistics require agile and flexible storage solutions, while the automotive sector demands robust and scalable systems. Stepan Company and Hormel Foods Corp have shown how adapting warehouse designs to specific industry needs can lead to remarkable efficiency improvements.

Technological Integration and Compliance

Incorporating technological advancements such as warehouse robotics, VRC lifts, and conveyor systems is another aspect where Georgia excels. These innovations, combined with sturdy industrial racking and adherence to OSHA safety requirements, mark the sophistication of Georgia’s warehouse designs.

Expert Insights

Brian Koski, a design expert at AK Material Handling Systems, emphasizes the importance of such innovations. “Integrating advanced systems and complying with safety standards are key to achieving operational excellence in warehousing,” he asserts.

Summarizing Tips for Success

  • Tailor warehouse design to industry-specific needs.
  • Implement technology like robotics and ASRS for increased efficiency.
  • Prioritize safety and compliance, such as OSHA standards.
  • Opt for scalable solutions to accommodate growth.
  • Leverage quick-ship options for immediate project needs.

The case studies of Stepan Company and Hormel Foods Corp in Georgia offer a wealth of knowledge for any entity looking to elevate their warehouse operations. Their strategies showcase the importance of industry-specific solutions, technological integration, and compliance with safety standards. These insights not only guide but also inspire warehouse managers and companies to reach new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

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