One of my favorite tools in my Safety Sandy Warehouse Safety Kit is the OSHA Worker Safety Series titled “Warehousing”. This booklet is jam-packed with great OSHA warehousing tips to help you improve your workplace in many areas. Today I am going to recap some very helpful information that I pulled from their series. You can check out the link at the bottom of this page to view the complete OSHA guide.

How to Safely Handle and Store Your Warehouse Materials

Every warehouse is a little different, but most of them have some aspects in common, including measures to keep employees safe. No matter the size or scope of your warehouse there are still some basic ideas for storing and handling materials that apply to any warehouse. In our latest edition in the “Safety Sandy” blog series we want to discuss how to safely handle and store your warehouse materials.

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Precautions for Moving Materials

In a warehouse setting employees will move things either by hand or with the help of equipment. It’s important for them to use the necessary precautions for both methods.

Manually – when moving something by hand you should always wear the proper safety equipment, like gloves, eye protection, and safety-toe shoes. You also need to keep in mind the size and weight of a load. Never attempt to lift something by yourself if it’s too heavy or bulky; instead, get help.

Mechanically – there are many different load shapes and sizes in a warehouse and there are several kinds of mechanical devices to move them. You should always choose the right machine for the job and make sure it has the right capacity for the load. It’s also important to use the proper load placement techniques when using machinery, like making sure the load is centered and evenly balanced before moving it.

Potential Storage Hazards and how to Avoid Them

When it comes to warehouse storage you must also be careful to do things right. There are many possible storage hazards, but they can be avoided by using the proper storage methods. Never stack loads higher than recommended and never exceed the weight limit of a storage rack. Here are a few other important things to remember:

  • You should keep storage areas clean and free of debris
  • Keep non-compatible materials properly and safely separated
  • Always make sure loads are safely stored before removing equipment

Two of the biggest factors in warehouse safety are the proper handling and storing of your materials, including equipment and merchandise. Managing these two aspects carefully and effectively will contribute greatly to the overall success of your warehouse. If you need help, then contact AK Material Handling Systems at 800-722-5908.

Warehouse Safety Resource: OSHA Worker Safety Series Warehousing

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