Did you know that you can increase your closing numbers by having a material handling outfitter on your team? Here at AK Material Handling Systems, space planning is our forte. For years now, we’ve helped commercial real estate agents in Minnesota and across the nation Sell More Commercial Real Estate by answering the tough questions their clients ask, like the ones below:

Sell More Industrial Real Estate

“Is 45,000 square feet enough space for our operations?”

“Can I store 4 of our pallets high in this 24’ clear ceiling space?”

“We need to move into this space ASAP, and we need pallet racking installed in two weeks. Who can help?”

“These building columns are on 30’ apart on center, will that accommodate our reach trucks?”

Having the answers to these types of questions dramatically increases the likelihood of you finding your client the best value available. So, the question then becomes, “How can we do it?”

At AK, we have over 1,000 warehouse projects to our name, along with plenty of referrals supporting our service and professionalism. We also have knowledge and expertise in building codes, which are vitally important to know when installing rack systems. On top of that, we offer our customers a “warehouse maximizer program” that helps clients make the most efficient use of available space in either new or existing industrial buildings.

Sell More Commercial Real Estate

Our Expertise

Pallet Rack Systems: Because we work with several different manufacturers in locations across the United States, our product offering is second-to-none. This means we’re not only able to design warehouses with the best pallet storage systems for clients’ operations but can also save them money by providing nationwide shipping location options.

Work Platforms: Maximizing vertical space is an excellent solution for clients that are committed to staying in their current location, and few solutions are better suited to this task than work platforms. Our work platforms are manufactured in the Midwest and meet stringent local, state, and national codes.

Modular Offices: Break rooms, conference rooms, shipping, and receiving offices are all key elements of fully functioning warehouse and office spaces. These spaces don’t have to be permanent structures, but instead can be installed in the form of modular offices, which offer several advantages over permanent structures.

Safety Products: Buildings are investments, and protecting them is vital to your clients. We’re well aware of this, and offer multiple safety products to protect the entire building. We’re also experts when it comes to fitting your rack system to accommodate sprinkler systems.

The Perfect Team: Equipping yourself with a material handling outfitter is a highly effective way to set yourself apart from the competition. At AK Material Handling Systems we equip ourselves with the right people to serve our customers and are always looking for commercial industrial sales representatives to work in partnership with. We’re frequently approached in the early stages of expansions, down-sizing, and new construction projects, which are all great opportunities to share client networks and help out in which ever way possible. Give us a call today 800-722-5908 and set yourself up to succeed by working alongside a material handling outfitter.

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