Are you in the market to sell your used pallet rack? Whether you’re replacing your current racking, downsizing your operations, or simply need someone to take your used pallet rack off your hands, look no further. Our rack buyback program can help. We’ll work with you through the selling process from start to finish, including scheduling the shipment and helping with the teardown process.

Selling your used rack to AK Material Handling Systems is a true win-win, as we take the rack you’re no longer using, put money in your pocket, and provide your old rack to someone who’s in need of quality used racking. We’ll offer you top dollar for your used pallet rack products, as well as trade-in value should you purchase a new rack system from us at the time.

Getting the Most for Your Used Pallet Rack

At AK Material Handling Systems in Maple Grove, MN, we take pride in giving people a fair price for their used racking. However, there are things you can do to maximize the money you’ll receive for your used pallet rack when you sell it to us. These are mostly small things that make it easier for us to process your rack, and in turn make the sale more profitable for you.

One of these factors is whether or not your pallet rack is palletized and sorted. If racking is palletized and requires minimal sorting, it will likely increase your profit margin. Another factor to consider is shipping to our Minnesota warehouses. If you have a means of getting your pallet rack to us, we won’t have to forward the shipping cost on to you.

The condition of the pallet rack also makes a difference in your sell price. If your racking is well taken care of and close to new condition, you’ll receive top dollar for it. Pallet rack that is usable but in less than great condition will command less cash. Regardless of these factors, you’ll always be offered a fair price for your pallet rack when you sell it to AK Material Handling Systems, and can be comfortable knowing you’re selling to an established and reputable dealer.

Advantages of Selling Used Pallet Rack to AK

  • Get top dollar for your racking
  • Trade-in value for customers purchasing a new pallet rack system
  • Tear-down assistance
  • Money in your pocket
  • Opens warehouse space for you
  • Easy process from start to finish
  • We’ll schedule the shipment to MN for you
  • We have a large wholesale network

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