Recently one of our clients was looking to create a more efficient and effective storage facility by maximizing their current industrial warehouse space. 

With the help of one of our warehouse layout and design specialists, they analyzed their entire warehouse operations including their SKUs and their three areas of storage: freezer, cooler, and dry storage to find the solution that offers them the most storage in each application.

Concern 1: They needed to maximize their space by narrowing their aisles.
They purchased new Crown Lift Trucks so that they could maximize their space starting with narrower forklift aisles.

Concern 2: Their existing freezer was using a standard selective teardrop pallet rack and 2 deep pallet racking.
They eliminated a selective pallet rack from the freezer and placed a three-deep push-back pallet rack system in to maximize their pallet storage.

Concern 3: They needed to better utilize their cooler space.
Two and three-deep push-back pallet rack was designed to maximize valuable unused cooler space.

Concern 4: In the dry storage area they needed to best utilize their pallet storage space while meeting the specific needs to certain SKU’s.
Solution: After designing multiple layout options for the client, they chose to go with many different rack storage systems each specific for different areas of their dry storage area. Standard selective pallet racking was utilized for quick easy access and selectivity to certain SKU’s while two, three, and four deep push back pallet rack systems were designed to maximize pallet storage in other areas.

Concern 5: How to best utilize unused space in the dock area and above dock doors.
Solution: Three and four deep pushback pallet rack systems were designed to run along the walls of the dock area utilizing every available storage area. We also designed a two-deep push back system to function over the docks and doors creating a safe and effective way to maximize previously unused space.

Summary: Our client did an excellent job looking at and analyzing all of their data and pallet movement to finalize a complete warehouse redesign to meet their increased demand from their clients. Many layout and design ideas were created and provided by AK through this process although, in the end, the client decided which options worked best for their applications and the project was a success!

If you are looking to maximize your current warehouse space give us a call @ 800-722-5908 or email [email protected] and set up a warehouse maximizer walk-through.

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