Mezzanines & Work Platforms

A mezzanine can DOUBLE or TRIPLE your existing warehouse space, for up to 80% less the cost of an addition.

Work platform mezzanines not only help maximize space but offer other benefits as well. A mezzanine platform offers a significant tax advantage in comparison to building an addition. Assuming they’re properly constructed, pre-fabricated work platforms will usually meet building codes and OSHA regulations and are quite cost-effective to install.

And, while you may opt to use your work platform for additional workspace, the sky’s the limit when it comes to possible applications, a few of the more common of which include storage, office space, dust cover, tool crib, retail back rooms, security enclosures, and lunch/break rooms. However, if you choose to use your mezzanine platform for additional workspace, you can rest assured knowing AK Material Handling Systems carries Wildeck Work Platforms, which are engineered and manufactured with durability in mind. Since each work platform application is unique, a member of our Design Group will work closely with you to determine your needs and deliver a solution that meets them.

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Types of Mezzanine Platforms

  • Freestanding Work Platforms 

Freestanding work platforms are self-supporting structures that are used to provide additional space in which to work. These platforms are highly customizable and allow for the creation of personalized designs that are able to fit virtually any application and cater to a wide variety of warehouse needs.

  • Catwalk Work Platforms 

Catwalks are generally used either to provide additional workspace around other freestanding systems or to provide access for those performing maintenance or inspection duties.

  • Full Mat Work Platforms 

Full Mat work platforms are also known as “dance floors.” This work platform design provides additional floor space by maximizing the warehouse’s available vertical space. A Full Mat can essentially be visualized as a vertically-raised floor space above your already existing systems or floor space.

Wildeck Mezzanine in a Distribution Center with Staircase


Advantages of a Mezzanine Platform:

  • Elimination of leased space
  • Extra material storage
  • Full use of vertical space
  • Seismic design compliant with the location
  • Significant tax advantages
  • Up to 80% cheaper than a building addition
  • Meets OSHA and ADA requirements
  • Completely expandable as need grows
  • Professional design & engineering
  • 25+ Years of experience

Work Platform Options include:

  • Welded Stairs for quick installation and maximum strength
  • Top Platforms
  • Internal and external stairway design options
  • Bolted knockdown assemblies
  • Automated tote lifts
  • Modular box lifts
  • Hydraulic lifts
  • Mechanical modular lifts
  • Heavy duty

Download the Work Platform infographic