When it comes to warehouse design, there are as many opinions out there as there are articles. Some will tell you to do an audit of your current operations, others will tell you to think about future growth, and still others may talk about the importance of safety. Where does one start?


Sometimes, it’s best to just sit down and look at the fundamentals, and that’s exactly what we want to help you do with the warehouse design “Where to Start” key. Fill it out, take a look at it, and you’ll have taken the first step towards a warehouse design that will allow your organization to flourish.

If you fill out the key, analyze it and think you’re ready to learn more about designing your warehouse, our warehouse design specialists are here to provide you with the information you need.

The Warehouse Design “Where to Start?” Key!

What are the actual dimension and weight of the SKU’s, cases, master cases, and pallets (W x D x H) you plan to store?

Number of SKU’s?

  • Range of units stored per SKU?

What kinds of products and containers are going to be stored on the rack system? i.e. Pallets / Cases / Finished Goods / Parts loose or in bins?

Is there an available CAD drawing? Paper drawing?

  • Accurate obstacles noted?
  • Examples of potential obstacles include overhead obstructions, as well as ventilation, column size and column spacing:

What do you plan on using the warehouse space for?

  • Order-filling?
  • Long-term storage?
  • Combination and percentage?

Activity areas in relation to warehouse area:

  • Loading Docks?
  • Production or packaging area and traffic flow?
  • Unloading / Staging area needed
  • Other

Size of area that will act as the warehouse:

  • Width?
  • Depth?
  • Clear ceiling height?

What are the long-term plans in terms of growth?

What type of lift truck will be predominantly used in the warehouse? (i.e. standard counterbalanced lift truck, Order Picker (man-up) style, Reach truck for narrow aisles, Swing mast truck for very narrow aisles, etc.)

The warehouse design "where to start?" key

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