In the realm of warehouse management, space optimization and storage efficiency are ever-advancing. This page offers a practical pathway, filled with actionable insights, for warehouse managers and companies aiming to elevate their warehousing capabilities. We focus on Missouri’s exemplary warehouse designs, particularly Hawkins and Paragon Fabrication.


Missouri’s Warehouse Landscape

Spanning across Missouri’s diverse industrial tapestry, from Columbia’s robust manufacturing sectors to the bustling distribution hubs of Saint Louis and Springfield, the state’s warehouse design has reached new pinnacles of innovation. Central to this evolution are companies like Hawkins, a leading manufacturer, and Paragon Fabrication, known for their design and build expertise. These entities not only embody excellence in their respective fields but also serve as case studies in effective warehouse management.

Hawkins: A Manufacturing Titan

As a prominent manufacturer, blender, and distributor, of industrial and laboratory chemicals, Hawkins has cemented its reputation in the industry. This company primarily focuses on supplying high-quality chemical solutions, catering to a wide range of clients from water treatment facilities to research labs. 

Introducing a structural RBI pushback rack system in their warehouse has streamlined their operations, enhancing their capacity to meet diverse manufacturing demands. Push-back racking is a high-density storage system offering up to 100%-200% greater storage density in the same footprint.

Hawkins’ collaboration with AK Material Handling Systems significantly upgraded their storage capacity, production, and customer satisfaction. The improvements in their storage facilities included enhanced material handling and storage efficiency, better inventory management for faster response times, and a safer, more organized warehouse environment.

This particular push-back system added 150 pallet positions to store 50-lb sacks, drums, and super sacks of various manufacturing ingredients. The reinforced structural system was three pallets high and five pallets deep. Due to the nature of super sacks, we designed the system with slightly wider spacing to accommodate variances in the loads.

“The customer was very excited to make a huge gain in their overall pallet storage in this area of their facility. We worked with this client on several warehouse locations throughout the country, and they understand the benefits of push-back racking. We provided them with a very heavy-duty system that will last a lifetime.”

Brian Koski, Warehouse Design SpecialistBrian Koski, Warehouse Design Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

Paragon Fabrication: Design/Build Innovators

Paragon Fabrication is a testament to creative ingenuity in interior design and construction. Their forte lies in crafting spaces that are not only functional but also aesthetically appealing, servicing a broad client base.

The strategic changes implemented by Paragon Fabrication have significantly boosted their operational capabilities to lead to more efficient warehousing and space utilization, streamlining their production processes. 

“This customer was adding more shelf levels to their system. They had a Ridg-U-Rak slotted-style system. Although this is not typical teardrop racking, we were able to match their existing racking with our in-stock options.”

Adam HansenAdam Hansen, Pallet Rack Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

As a result, Paragon Fabrication has a greater capacity to complete projects faster and more effectively. Effective warehousing enhances client satisfaction, helping companies like Paragon deliver quality results in a timely manner. This partnership not only optimized their internal operations but also their service delivery abilities.

Paragon Fabrication Missouri Project

Paragon Fabrication Order Shipping to Missouri

Missouri’s Custom Warehouse Solutions:

Adopting tailored solutions such as push-back and selective pallet racks is crucial in meeting the unique needs of industries like manufacturing, agriculture, food processing, and distribution. Working with a seasoned warehouse designer like AK Material Handling Systems can facilitate rapid deployment of essential warehouse components, ensuring a swift adaptation to market demands.

The implementation of new warehouse systems by Hawkins and Paragon Fabrication has been instrumental in enhancing their customer service. Hawkins, with its revamped structural pushback rack, has seen an improvement in inventory management and faster turnaround times. Paragon Fabrication’s upgraded warehouse design has allowed for more efficient project execution, thereby improving client satisfaction.

Real-world examples include Hawkins’ ability to swiftly accommodate diverse manufacturing orders and Paragon Fabrication’s enhanced capacity for handling complex design projects. These improvements not only reflect internal efficiencies but also translate into better service for their customers.

Key Insights for Optimizing Storage Efficiency

  • Consider the adoption of advanced racking systems for better space management.
  • Regularly assess warehouse layout to identify and implement efficiency improvements.
  • Stay informed about the latest warehouse technologies like warehouse robotics and integrate them as applicable.

Warehouse managers and companies aiming for efficiency and effectiveness can glean valuable insights from the strategies employed by Missouri brands like Hawkins and Paragon Fabrication. Embracing innovative storage solutions and design philosophies can transform a standard warehouse into a hub of productivity.

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