Now is the time to turn that floor space into vertical cantilever storage space. Stop wasting your space today and maximize your cube. Cantilever storage racks offer solutions to applications in almost all industries including retail, industrial, warehouses, and anywhere else you may run into uneven loads. Cantilever strives in applications where other pallet rack systems do not.

Top Ten Features of Cantilever Racking

  1. Heavy Duty Capacities: Constructed of heavy roll-formed steel for maximum strength and durability
  2. Double Capacity: Columns can be double punched for single or double-sided storage.
  3. Fast, Easy, Durable Installation: Designed with durability although they can be moved and rearranged to fit growth and expansion.
  4. Quality Finish: Powder Coat Finish with custom colors available.
  5. Rigid: Constructed with heavy-duty bolts and welds
  6. Accessories: Every cantilever unit is custom with many accessory options specific to your application
  7. Versatility: Various Arm lengths and capacities along with height increments of 4″
  8. Ease & Accessibility: Continuous shelves at different levels (no front columns blocking access)
  9. Adjustable Arms: Arms are made for easy adjustment to fit the products being stored
  10. Quality: Made from heavy-duty roll-formed steel.

If you’re interested in cantilever racking for your storage needs, give us a call at 800-722-5908, get a quote, or shop online at Cantilever Rack Now.