When it comes to working in a warehouse or large storage facility, one of the biggest keys to productivity is the actual amount of space you have to store all of your goods. There are many shapes and sizes of storage racks available, but one of the best and most efficient space savers on the market is the push back pallet rack storage system. This system provides a safe and effective way to both store and moves pallets in almost any warehouse environment.

How it Works

  • Loading – The basic operation of the push back pallet rack storage system allows you to store multiple pallets deep in a single lane. Each system contains between one and eight carts, which allows you to store up to nine pallets, depending on the depth of your system. The system acts as a conveyor belt, so to speak. As the forklift places an additional pallet on the rack the cart holding the first pallet gets pushed back on bearings. Each time a pallet is added the previously placed pallets continue to move back.
  • Unloading – Each time a pallet is removed from the rack the opposite effect takes place. As the forklift unloads the front pallet from the rack all of the remaining pallets move forward to take the place of the front pallet. The pallet rack system is on a slight incline, which allows them to easily move toward the aisle down the rack line. This system is a great way to achieve high-density storage.

Benefits & Features

Besides the obvious space-saving features and being able to easily access your freight, there are several other features and benefits to using the push back pallet rack storage system, including:

  • Offers better use of available pallet spaces than most storage systems
  • Minimizes honeycombing effect compared to drive-in rack systems
  • Allows more SKU’s
  • Enjoy more storage rack area with the single-aisle design
  • Easy & Fast loading and unloading of rack
  • Each lane is LIFO but FIFO can easily be achieved with proper warehouse design
  • Large coated wheels allow carts to roll smoothly
  • Very low maintenance bearings which are sealed
  • The carts come linked together
  • Carts have anti-lift-out devices
  • Low cart stack height
  • Forklifts never have to enter the rack

Always Use the System Properly

As with any pallet rack system the push back pallet rack system must be used properly. If you are planning to use this system then you must be sure to properly educate and train your employees on how the system works. Keep in mind that with the proper training it should not take more than a day’s work to get a solid understanding and working knowledge of the entire system.

Load and Unload Safely

There are necessary steps and safety measures that a forklift driver needs to understand and follow when using the system. They are:

  • Safe Loading – The first pallet being loaded into a lane always goes on the highest available rack cart. The pallet should be lifted at least an inch above the footplate and it is very important to keep the pallet level when loading and unloading. The pallet should also be centered on the cart and not resting on the push plate. When the push plate is no longer visible that means the storage lane is full.
  • Safe Unloading – The number one rule to remember when using a push back system is that the forklift is the only brake when removing a pallet from the rack. As the forklift removes the front pallet from the lane each subsequent pallet on the rack slides forward. Therefore, the forklift is acting as a brake for the remaining pallets. If the forklift pulls away too quickly the remaining pallets could slide forward too quickly, which could cause them to tip or fall. This could lead to the freight being damaged or even worse, to a worker being injured.

Safe and Effective

It is clear that the push back pallet rack storage system offers a great alternative for high volume storage while still maintaining the ability to easily rotate and access your products. With a push back system in place, you can fill your storage facility with products instead of aisles. However, it is also very important to keep in mind that when using this system, following the proper use and safety measures is imperative. Following the basic safety measures will keep you and your place of business safe and functional at the same time. If you need help with your pallet storage system, from installation to training, be sure to contact us at 800-722-5908.

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