What Are You Storing?

An obvious yet sometimes overlooked starting point to a successful warehouse project starts with identifying what you are actually storing. This means the size, weight and type of pallet. These factors play into the overall warehouse layout. Just saying I have “standard” pallets is not sufficient. Do you have product overhang? Varying dimensions of pallets are very common. In addition, with much more attention to high pile regulations, the actual “What” is very critical.

To find the best solution for our clients we examine what you are storing and how you are storing it. Looking at your current storage practices and asking the right questions helps us understand the strengths and weaknesses of how your operations are working. Together with our clients we are finding ways to increase their strengths and efficiencies to better utilize their space and giving their personnel the support to do more with their space.

How Much Do You Have?

Having an accurate inventory of your current warehouse is crucial in determining your present and future goals. How many pallets do you currently have? Of those pallets, how many SKUs do you have? How much growth do you anticipate? It is very important to understand this to assist in selecting a better, more efficient storage system.

To help us better understand your flow, are you shipping full truckloads, partials or mixed loads. Who are you using for your carriers? Do you use UPS, FedEx, or other local shippers? This helps us determine what type of storage system would benefit you the most.

Multiple row pallet rack system within a distribution warehouse with building columns in the aisle.

How Are You Moving It?

In Designing Pallet Racking Systems we ask the tough questions, do you need to change how you move and store your current products? Are you going to be using the same equipment, or will you incorporate automation to increase efficiency? How are you going to get your team involved in looking at alternatives to your current methods of moving and storing your product? Do you need help analyzing your current practices to look at new ways to move and store your product? We help you to think out of the box and look at your pallet racking system in a new way. At AK Material Handling Systems we want to challenge you to become more creative with your pallet rack storage solutions.

What type of forklifts or lift equipment are you currently using? Would narrowing your aisles help improve your efficiencies and better use your space? Have you been considering automation in a portion or all of your material handling areas? Knowing this helps us understand your current method of moving products, and where you plan on heading in the future.

With so many choices out there for material handling equipment, it is critical to ask the right questions. Making sure you are getting the right answers is very important as you move forward with the design of your racking layout for your warehouse.

When Are You Doing It?

Is this happening on one shift or multiple? Knowing the intricacies of your receiving, storage, and flow helps us make suggestions that will optimize your flow and or layout design..

Understanding Warehouse Pallet Rack Systems.

Which Preferred System Would Work Best?

When selecting a preferred system we have to examine which operations are necessary for your warehouse, and what could be changed to increase efficiency. We take the time to listen to you and your team to figure out what are problems that are causing delays, missed orders/shipments, misplaced inventory, order processing, etc. After we fully examine all these factors, we look at what equipment should be considered to reduce handling costs and shorten work cycles. We also look at design layout options to improve space utilization to simplify flow and increase operating efficiency. Taking a careful look at all these areas helps bring about a clearer understanding of which preferred system would work best.

Why Use AK Material Handling Systems?

Our Design Team focuses on you, asking the right questions, and assisting you in the process of finding the best solutions for your distribution and warehouse needs. Our expertise, knowledge of engineered pallet racking systems, and our relationships with the best quality racking manufacturers in the industry gives us a professional edge in offering complete turnkey projects.

From our first meeting to the completion of a project we assist our clients with the design layout, space planning, budgeting, project management and permitting. We will give you the unbiased information you need to make an informed decision on your warehouse project. Our top priority is making sure the installation was completed on schedule to the complete satisfaction of our customer.

We don’t just sell a product. We are a resource to you. As the Design Group, we’ve developed and nurtured long lasting clients and friends. Our clients can move from company to company and still reach out to us, because we make their jobs easier. We believe a successful project always has a win-win outcome.

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