Tennsco Metal Shelving at AK

As a heavy-duty steel shelving distributor, we stock three main styles of Tennsco metal shelving: Z-Line Rivet Shelving, Q-Line, and Bulk Storage shelving.

Z Line Rivet Shelving Offered in Two Styles:

Low Profile

The low profile Z Line option has a shelf range size of 12” – 48” front to back and of 12” – 48” right to left. Our low-profile shelving is very popular in office storage room settings. The thin 1 1/2” cross supports offer space maximization while keeping capacity in the range of 500-800 lbs per shelf level.

Heavy Duty

The heavy-duty Z Line shelving is perfect for your warehouse storage needs. The sizes offered range from 24″ to 96″ wide and the cross supports are 2 3/4″. Our heavy-duty Z line shelving is great for storing miscellaneous items, and items that need to be neatly organized. The capacity ranges between 1250-2250 lbs per shelf level.

Both of our Z Line metal shelving options are completed with 5/8” particle board shelving. Shelving assembly is quick, easy, and can be done with simple instructions. The versatility of the Z Line shelving sets it apart from our other shelving units because you can design and re-design these shelving units as you need. Learn how to choose shelving for your space and get started today.

Q Line

Q Line shelving is a Tennsco metal shelving option with steel shelves and welded beam construction. The shelves attach with compression clips and can be adjusted on 1” centers. Q-Line shelving offers capacities that range from 450-750 lbs per level. Our stock sizes are 18” x 36″ & 18” x 48”, medium grey in color.

Bulk Storage

Our Tennsco Bulk Storage shelving is the perfect solution for your hard-to-store BULK items. With a design similar to pallet rack the components equal: upright frames, crossbeams, and center supports. Our bulk storage metal shelving is made complete with our 5/8” particle board shelving.

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Also, learn more about each of the products on our steel shelving page.