Title: How to Order Pallet Rack

Presenter: Senior Rack Design Specialist Brian Koski

Another question we get is, “How do I figure out how many beams and uprights do I need to rack 100 feet of rack?” Just use 100 feet as a theoretical example.

So you have the hundred feet, we’ll assume 8 foot Bays, 8 foot clear between the uprights. So the way I do it is you just take 100 feet divide by eight, i’ll come up with 12 bays. 12×8 equals 96 so that’s 96 feet of actual beam width. But we are going to need 13 uprights to make those 12 bays. So there’s three, most uprights are 3 inches wide. 3×13 is 39 inches. Which is 3 foot three. Our overall run is 99’3″ so we will stay within our 100 feet. Now there’s 12 bays depending on how many beam levels you have will take an easy example and say there’s five beam levels. Which is 10 beams overall12×10 = 120 beams which if you use wire decking it’ll be 120 decks as well.

How to Order Pallet Rack Formula:

Looking to get 100′ of Pallet Rack

  • 100′ run of rack divided by 8′ bays = 12 Bays of storage
  • 12 bays at 96″ wide = 96′ long
  • 12 bays of rack = 13 upright frames (1 starter bay + 11 add on bays)
  • 13 upright frames with 3″ face = 39″ of frame space
  • 96′ + 3′ 3″ = 99′ 3″ of racking
  • 12 bays with 5 beam levels = 120 beams
  • 12 bays with 5 beam levels = 120 wire decks

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