The Economical Alternative to Leasing Office Space

So, you’ve got a warehouse and everything is in place. Your storage systems are on point, and your warehouse is ready to churn out your product. Upon further analysis, however, you realize there’s something important missing. It might be an administrative office, a break room, shipping and receiving office, a cleanroom, a computer lab, or a cafeteria. Or, it might be any number of other spaces that must, in order for them to serve their function, be enclosed from the rest of the warehouse.

Naturally, your first thought is that you’re going to have to make new space for this room. In all likelihood, this will have to come in the form of building a new addition or renting out extra space.  Each of those sound like a major undertaking, and possibly a giant hassle. It would be preferable to just use the space currently at your disposal, but is that possible?  With modular offices, it is.

Employees hard at work in a modular office that is illuminated
A modular office sits in the middle of a warehouse

Modular offices are prefabricated office structures that can be installed in your existing warehouse space, providing an enclosed area within the warehouse itself and allowing the maximum utilization of the available floor space. Not all modular offices are the same shape or size, and they can meet a variety of needs. For example, a modular office may be built as a pressure-controlled cleanroom used for testing in a contained environment. In truth, a modular office does not have to serve as an office and can be a space that’s as versatile as its owner needs it to be.

Modular offices also offer significant financial advantages over building additions. From a tax standpoint, modular office construction qualifies for accelerated depreciation under the Section 179 deduction. This allows for a 100% write-off in the purchase year as opposed to over seven years in the past, and over 39 years for conventional construction. While conventional construction is required to have 39-year depreciation, modular offices have 7-year depreciation. They are also constructed in a fraction of the time it takes to construct an addition, saving both time and money in terms of opportunity costs.

If you’re looking for an economical alternative to leasing office space or building an addition, check out our modular office buildings page for more information. Or, to speak with one of our helpful AK sales team members, call 800-722-908. Of course, you can always email us as well.

Warehouse Design: Modular Offices

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