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Taking Your Warehouse to the Next Level With Work Platforms

One thing you’re pretty unlikely to hear from most warehouse managers is phrase “There’s too much available space here.” In the world of warehousing, more warehouse space is usually a good thing. It makes it easier to operate and frees up room for additional productive activities, and holds a number of other potential benefits. In fact, you’re much more likely to hear the opposite: “We could really use more space, we’re running out of room and have plans for future growth.”

At this point, there are a number of options, and things can get a little sticky for a company that’s running out of room and looking to expand the amount of workspace available in their warehouse.

One option is to relocate or lease new space in a building located elsewhere, away from the current warehouse location.  While this can certainly be a viable option, it’s not the most logistically easy move to make. Another option is to simply build new space to accommodate your growing demands for space. This too can be a viable option for obtaining additional space in which to work. Often, additional space can be built onto the existing warehouse structure. Still, building an addition can be expensive, and figuring out how to comply with building codes and complete the addition without halting operations can be challenging. This brings us to a third option — one which may not be as immediately apparent as the other two: work platforms.

Work platforms are not automatically a superior choice to the previous two options, but they stand to offer several potential advantages over them. Here at AK, we offer Wildeck work platforms. Perhaps the most obvious of these advantages is the fact that no additional space will need to be leased or built. The work platform is unique in its ability to fully utilize the unused vertical space present in most warehouses. Most warehouses are built with relatively high ceilings, and it’s common for this space to go completely unused. With a work platform, one can essentially add an entirely new level to their warehouse, significantly increasing workspace.

Another significant advantage to installing a work platform is the ability to expand it as warehouse operations expand. With a building addition, there is a finite amount of space that is added. Once that space is used up, another addition will have to be built, or space will have to be leased elsewhere. If a work platform is installed, it can be expanded as necessary, offering greater flexibility. Of course, cost is virtually always considered when planning an expansion, and this is yet another area in which work platforms hold a significant advantage. To be specific, a work platform can double or triple existing warehouse space for as much as 80% less than the cost of an addition. Eighty percent less cost is nothing to sneeze at, and these savings make the work platform an extremely appealing alternative to building additions or leasing additional space.

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