It is a Material Handling Company that provides the expertise, knowledge, experience, and skills to guide your company to the next level. If you were to hire an outfitter to climb K2 you would want an outfitter who has been there before, who has a history of successful ascents, who understands the complexities involved in an expedition. Who knows the terrain, understands weather patterns, knows the right equipment to make the trip a success, and most importantly is a guide with the experience and the knowledge to make the hard decisions and guide the team safely to its goal.

Becoming involved with a successful material handling outfitter is no different. You want an outfitter who has a history of successful material handling installations, who understands the importance of planning, design, and execution. You want a guide who has the knowledge and the expertise to successfully manage your project, to provide the right equipment and the experience to assist you in finding the right solutions for your material handling needs. You need a guide who is skilled with C.A.D. layout design systems, who can listen and assist you in planning and executing a successful well thought out project. A&K has been there 100’s of times, we have the professional skilled team to get you to your goals to help you be successful in your warehouse and distribution facilities. The next time you plan an expansion for your facility choose the team to lead you successfully to your summit, choose A&K Material Handling Outfitters.