A mezzanine is a general term used for any raised platform surface or intermediate floor. Industrial mezzanines are typically free-standing steel structures installed within a building. Mezzanines can be used for virtually any type of application including storage, offices, production, manufacturing, and observation platforms because there are numerous decking options including wood, Resindek, concrete, grating, and steel to fit the various applications.

Mezzanines can be built on-site by a contractor although most of the time a mezzanine system is generally pre-fabricated.  Meaning it is designed and manufactured at a manufacturing plant then, it is shipped to the building location.  An experienced installer can then quickly assemble the components which are pre-drilled, etc.  In general, no welding or cutting is required on-site.

There are many advantages to using a pre-fabricated mezzanine.  Among them are cost, speed of installation, tax advantages, easy customization, and space utilization.

A pre-fabricated mezzanine will generally meet all building codes if designed properly.  IBC is the most generally accepted building code but is adapted to the local code if it is necessary.  An experienced distributor can navigate the process of getting the proper permits for a mezzanine.  We will further explain this process to show that is not overwhelming.

The size of a mezzanine can range from 100 square feet to thousands of square feet.

In general, a pre-fab mezzanine can be a cost-effective way to gain more space in your existing or new building.

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Posted By Senior Warehouse Design Specialist Brian Koski
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