What is double deep pallet rack?


Double deep pallet rack is a pallet storage system that is used in warehouses to increase storage efficiency and pallet density. Double deep pallet racks consist of two standard selective racks set up back to back creating the double deep pallet storage system. Clients use double-reach or deep-reach lift trucks to load and unload pallets from these systems. These double deep racks are commonly designed to set up against a wall or in connection with another double deep-section behind it maximizing the floor space. Double deep is often found in warehouses utilizing the LIFO (Last In First Out) inventory rotation with high volume and limited space. Double deep pallet rack systems can also maximize warehouse space by increasing floor space by 60-65%.

Recently AK utilized one of these double deep rack systems to help a client store their long awkward pallets. Click the links below to view some pictures from the project. Or if you are interested in learning more about double-deep and would like pricing or more info sent to you use our REQUEST FORM.

Warehouse Storage Double Deep Pallet Rack Project completed by AK Material Handling (Minneapolis, MN).