Push back pallet rack is also technically known as reverse gravity flow pallet racks. These pallet rack systems are used as a high-density storage system.

Push back pallet rack is a LIFO (Last In First Out) storage system. The forklift operator easily picks the last pallet entered into the system. When operating a push back pallet rack system, forklift operators need to take great care when unloading products because when a pallet is removed from the system the other pallets flow towards the aisle. Speed is a very important factor when unloading a push back pallet rack system. Pulling out to fast with a pallet may cause the other pallets to accelerate towards the aisle potentially causing problems. Proper forklift training is highly recommended when using a push back pallet rack and unloading improperly is generally not a problem.

A push back pallet rack system consists of push back carts that are pushed back in two, three, four, and five deep systems. When a push back lane is empty, all of the carts are nested in the first position because the rail system is pitched towards the aisle. Due to the pitched lane design all loading and unloading is done from the aisle creating no need for the forklift to enter the rack system. In a four deep push back pallet rack system: The first pallet is loaded onto the first cart and left there. The next pallet then pushes the first pallet back and is then loaded onto the second cart. The third pallet pushes back the first two pallets and is then loaded onto the third cart. The fourth and final pallet for that row will push the three previously loaded pallets back although it will not be on a cart but simple rest on the push back rails. In other words there is always one less cart than that row can store.

Pushback rack systems usually use structural rack as the supporting structure. Roll formed can be used, but beam deflection can cause problems with the push back cart and rail system.

Just about any type or style of forklift can be used with a pushback pallet rack system. A combination of a narrow aisle forklift and a push back system can create an efficient high density storage system. Push back systems are also fully operational in all types of controlled environments including coolers & freezers.


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