RIDG-U-RAK is a pallet racking storage system manufacturer located in North East, PA. Ridg-u-Rak has been manufacturing pallet storage rack systems for 65+ years and is a Top 5 roll-formed rack manufacturer in the United States. They offer two main styles of selective pallet racking: Teardrop and Slotted Design.

The Ridg-u-rak teardrop design is a universally compatible pallet rack system offering many different frame and beam sizes. With the closure of Excel Storage Products, Ridg-u-rak has stepped in for AK and is able to provide the same vista green and ultra orange color racking once provided by Excel. In most cases, Ridg-u-Rak beam and frame profiles actually provide a stronger capacity than Excel. As a major stocking distributor for Ridg-u-Rak’s teardrop design, our in-stock sizes offer our clients the perfect match for their old Excel USP rack systems. If you are interested in receiving a quote for Ridg-u-rak teardrop use our quote request form.

The Ridg-u-rak slotted design is a hook and slot style rack system, offering a full line of sizes and profiles. The slotted racking has a patented 6 bend design offering heavy-duty capacity. Important note on Ridg-u-rak Slotted racking: Long before beam length standards were around Ridg-u-Rak’s beam lengths were measured from the inside of the connector hook to the inside of the connector hook. Starting in January 2000 beam lengths changed to include the connector hook in the measurement. IE Before 2000 a 96″ Beam was 96 3/8″ over the connector hooks now it measures 96″ over the connector hooks. For more information check out our Ridg-u-rak Replacement Slotted Beam Sheet.pdf