Do you find yourself asking these types of questions:

How can we add more usable space to our warehouse?

Do we need more space?

We need more office space but I think our distribution center is full.

If so then a mezzanine might be the right solution for meeting the requirements of more storage or office space needs for your warehouse or distribution facility by using the clear height available in your facility. Look more closely and you might find the right area in your facility where a mezzanine can meet these needs. A mezzanine could add enough additional storage space that you don’t have to think of looking for additional storage space outside your existing facility. A mezzanine can double or triple your existing floor space – for up to 80% Less than the cost of an addition.

There are some critical steps in determining if a mezzanine will work for your facility. Ask these questions and find the answers. Will my facility floor support the load of the mezzanine columns? Do I have the clear height in my facility to add a mezzanine level? What are the local building code requirements for installing a mezzanine in my facility?

If you find that a mezzanine is the right solution for your facility here are some of the benefits that will help you maximize your facility space.

  • Eliminate the need to move or look for additional outside space.
  • New area now available for needed office space.
  • Double the floor space where the mezzanine is installed.
  • Increase your productivity with supportive operations in the same area.
  • Increase efficiencies in your warehouse/distribution area.
  • Cost savings, no additional property taxes, tax advantages through depreciation.
Turn vertical space into profitable space with a mezzanine.

AK Material Material Handling mezzanine experts can now assist in designing a mezzanine system that will meet the requirements for your expansion needs. We will determine the best layout options for column locations, maximize clear spans to eliminate interference below, determine the right type of decking for your mezzanine floor, plan stairway access, maximize clear height, provide forklift access and integrate conveyors or material lifts to provide efficient, productive use of the area. Safety is always the number one concern for any installation by AK Material Handling Systems , we will ensure that all codes and safety concerns are an integral part of the design process.

For more information call 800-722-5908 and visit our Mezzanine Page or get a Mezzanine Quote.

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