Over their lifetime, wire mesh partitions are less expensive than chain link fencing. They may cost a little more initially (not always as chain link is harder to install) but will save you money over their lifetime.

  • Woven and welded wire partitions can be removed, relocated, and reconfigured when your needs change.
  • Most wire partition systems allow for easy cutting
  • The modular design is what allows this flexibility; use it, re-use it, move it around – with ease. But chain link fencing? Once it’s up, it’s up for good and usually has to be disposed of when you need a change.
  • Wire partitions are more secure. Bolt cutters can get through a chain-link fence. It takes more than that to get into a woven wire partition. They can’t be easily climbed like a fence, either. There are no easy feet or handholds in the woven or welded wire panels.
  • If a partition is damaged, you just remove the old panel and order a new one. If a chain-link fence is damaged, you have to replace a large section.
  • Aesthetics- It does not take much for chain link fencing to not look good. Especially on the floor, it tends to get pushed out and not look good. On the other hand, wire partitions always have a clean finished look with numerous colors and finishes available.
  • Gates and doors- Wire partition manufacturers such as Folding Guard, WireCrafters, Wireway Husky, Spaceguard, King Wire, Cogan, and Miller Wire provide numerous swing and sliding gates that work nicely and have different locking options.

In conclusion, if you are going to install an interior fencing system and are NEVER going to move, change it, nor care what it looks like then a chain-link might work for you. Otherwise, wire partitions prove to be the best long-term value.

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