The new normal is upon us. While many areas of our states, countries, and the World continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines, many are also starting to return to a partial return to normal. In the coming weeks and months, many states will begin easing restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and businesses will have to make adjustments to ensure the safety of team members returning to the workplace. Additional adjustments will have to be made to account for these changes and ensure warehouse safety and security, and this is where the team at AK Material Handling Systems can help.

AK partners with several manufacturers to provide options for warehouse improvements that will ensure the safety of your team members, and any outside parties that may be accessing your building, warehouse, workspace.

Outfitting your warehouse for the new normal.

Modular Offices

When it comes to safe spaces and controlled environments, the first modular officething that comes to many customer’s minds is modular office buildings. Modular offices and buildings have long been used to free up floor space and create additional offices for employees. Over time, these basic spaces have been retrofitted and designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications, some of which we will be coving in more detail in this post, and can also be seen on our blog.

Modular Office Warehouse Design

Walls & Partitions

If you’re looking for the quickest, most flexible solution, there are several different wall panels and partitions available for various applications. The solution tailored most closely to employee safety is cleanroom additions (more on those later). Singular barriers are also used in applications such as cubicle partitions, full-size enclosed offices, warehouse dividing walls, data centers, and equipment enclosures, and more. From a more cost-efficient standpoint, there are also hanging and free-standing dividers made from USDA-grade PVC as well.

Climate Controlled Rooms

If you work in the medical, pharmaceutical, research, or even food processing fields, having a controlled environment is likely a must. If these systems are in place already, expansion or addition may be required with today’s demands. These climate-controlled rooms, often referred to as cleanrooms, offer several advantages and features compared to traditional construction options.

starrco negative pressure cleanroom

Most of these cleanrooms are designed to meet ISO requirements as well, which takes into account the existing environment, application, mechanical systems, and prefabricated materials, and also eliminates a step in getting your new space up and running.

Some features of climate-controlled rooms that help get you up and running quicker include expedited installation compared to permanent construction, pre-cut and finished materials and components, faster and cleaner set-up, and flexibility to change your layout as your business requires.

Preassembled Options

On a smaller scale, pre-made structures provide a quick and easy option for interior and exterior applications. Traditionally, preassembled structures serve a wide variety of purposes. Shelters, guard houses, gate access points, equipment enclosures, and security booths are just a few. While not to the level of a climate-controlled room, these structures do present an added layer of protection from environmental elements and personal contact.

Entrance Access Points

Controlling entrance points to your building is the first step to keeping on-site employees and the rest of your facility secure. Warehouse access cages are an excellent option to manage the non-employee traffic to your building. With warehouses that are already equipped with cages, retrofitting packages are available to allow the interaction needed from drivers or customers.

If your building has strict environmental and airflow requirements, cleanrooms can be designed around entrance points to eliminate contamination.

If you need to implement additional safety and security measures for your building or warehouse, please contact us at (800) 722-5908, or fill out a request for a quote.

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