For warehouses and businesses seeking to elevate their operations, this guide offers essential strategies and insights into Delaware’s warehousing solutions. Follow this roadmap of practical success tips, highlighting Jarvis Products and Dur-A-Flex warehouse projects with the help of AK Materials Handling Systems.

From Middletown’s industrious landscapes to East Hartford’s dynamic logistics hubs, Delaware stands out in efficient warehouse design. Notably, Jarvis Products and Dur-A-Flex exemplify successes in strategically implementing advanced warehousing solutions.


Jarvis Products: Innovating for a Healthier World

Jarvis Products, a Delaware-based company in the food processing industry, showcases innovation and tradition in its storage practices. With a century-long history, Jarvis has been at the cutting edge of increasing access to the global food supply. Their philosophy intertwines new technological advancements with time-honored craftsmanship, simplifying and enhancing the food processing experience. This approach not only makes food production efficient and cost-effective but also aims to nourish more people with improved nutrition.

Enhanced Productivity with Cantilever Racking Systems at Jarvis Products

At Jarvis Products, the integration of cantilever racking systems helped improve their manufacturing facility. The system offered significant space savings, boosted efficiency, and helped meet safety standards. Other benefits of cantilever rack systems include:

Cantilever racking

Example of cantilever racking

  • Optimized Floor Space Usage: The introduction of cantilever racks has effectively eliminated the need to store stock on the floor. This not only tidied up the company’s workspace but also enhanced the operational efficiency of its manufacturing process.
  • Maximized Vertical Storage: Jarvis Products has increased storage capacity by utilizing vertical space more effectively. This efficient use of space is crucial in maintaining a streamlined production environment.
  • Increased Profitability per square foot: The strategic use of cantilever racks has led to more productive use of the manufacturing area. This optimization translates into higher profitability per square foot, a key metric in manufacturing efficiency.
  • Versatility Across Various Applications: The flexibility of cantilever racking systems makes them suitable for a wide range of industrial needs. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for Jarvis Products, accommodating diverse manufacturing requirements.
  • Accelerated Warehouse Operations: Implementing these racking systems significantly sped up warehouse operations and manufacturing efficiency. 
  • Elevated Safety Standards: Safety in the workplace is paramount, and cantilever racking systems help companies meet safety codes. The organized storage and easy accessibility have minimized the risk of accidents at Jarvis Products, ensuring a safer environment for employees.

Dur-A-Flex: Pioneering in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Dur-A-Flex, located in East Hartford, showcases strategic warehouse optimization. Their use of selective pallet racking systems and wire decking ensured efficiency in healthcare product management. This repeat customer came back to AK to add to their original storage system, which was installed in 2017.

Dur-A-Flex Benefits from Selective Pallet Racks in Collaboration with AK Material Handling Systems

  • Enhanced Space Utilization: Working with AK Materials Handling Systems, Dur-A-Flex has significantly optimized its warehouse space through the use of selective pallet racking.
  • Streamlined Inventory Management: Introducing adjustable pallet racking simplified stock management for Dur-A-Flex. This system provides visibility and accessibility to products, enabling quicker inventory checks and efficient handling of goods. 
  • Cost-Effective Storage Solution: By choosing selective pallet racks, Dur-A-Flex has capitalized on the most economical racking option per pallet position. This cost efficiency, combined with the system’s capacity to handle maximum SKUs for picking, has resulted in an optimized balance between storage density and accessibility, leading to greater overall operational efficiency.

These projects show the importance of custom storage solutions, like cantilever and selective racks, crucial for diverse industries such as electronics manufacturing. Prompt project execution was another key factor for these Delaware pioneers – AK’s quick-ship options helped speed the projects along.

Advancements in warehouse technology, like robotics and shuttle systems, are integral to Delaware’s strategy. These innovations, coupled with robust industrial racking systems and adherence to OSHA safety standards, lay the foundation for an effective warehouse operation.

Key Takeaways for Warehouse Efficiency:

  • Choose racking systems that meet your industry’s specific needs.
  • Prioritize rapid-deployment solutions for time-sensitive projects.
  • Utilize technology to improve accuracy and efficiency in warehouse operations.

By following the strategies employed by Jarvis Products and Dur-A-Flex, warehouses can transform into highly efficient operations, ready to tackle future challenges in storage and logistics.

This exploration into Delaware’s warehousing strategies, exemplified by Jarvis Products and Dur-A-Flex, offers valuable insights for warehouse managers and businesses. By adopting these approaches, warehouses can achieve operational excellence and set new standards in warehousing.

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