For those looking to enhance their warehousing capabilities, this article offers a glimpse of insight and actionable strategies drawn from two of Florida’s warehousing solutions. Follow along to learn more about effective warehouse layout design and where to get started.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, warehouse efficiency is a cornerstone of success. For companies like Costa Farms and TransCore LP, optimizing warehouse operations is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. AK Material Handling Systems, a trusted provider of warehouse solutions, partnered with Costa Farms and TransCore LP to transform their inventory management processes and streamline their e-commerce fulfillment capabilities.


Costa Farms: A Benchmark in Agricultural and E-Commerce Efficiency

Empty pushback pallet racking in a warehouse

Example push-back pallet racking

Costa Farms, a Miami-based producer and distributor of fresh produce, has revolutionized its operations with push-back rack systems. Push-back racking allows for efficient storage and retrieval of pallets on a sloped rail system, greatly increasing storage density and efficiency.

“Pushback racking enabled Costa Farms to store product more densely in the smaller footprint than selective pallet racking. This system was installed outdoors, providing optimal storage for plastic plant trays.”

Pete Brandon, Warehouse Design SpecialistPete Brandon, Warehouse Design Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

Costa Farms’ strategic implementation of 5-deep, double-wide bays of push-back has enabled them to proficiently manage a diverse inventory, serving as an example for industries such as retail and e-commerce. 

TransCore LP: Electronic Manufacturing Reimagined

Orlando’s TransCore LP showcases electronic manufacturing excellence. Their warehouse incorporates advanced pallet racking systems, demonstrating the symbiotic relationship between innovative design and storage efficiency. 

AK Material Handling Systems partnered with TransCore LP to provide custom selective pallet racking, wire decking, and cantilever racking

“Our extensive in-stock pallet racking ensured that this order could ship quickly to meet their immediate needs. We worked closely with this business back in 2022 and were happy to provide additional racking to grow their storage system.”

Adam HansenAdam Hansen, Pallet Rack Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

Customized Solutions for Diverse Industries

The stories of Costa Farms and TransCore LP emphasize the need for custom solutions like push-back and selective pallet racks, addressing the unique requirements of industries as varied as agriculture, eCommerce, and electronics manufacturing.

Collaborating with a warehouse designer like AK Material Handling Systems brings several advantages. Quick-ship options expedite product delivery, and services such as warehouse layout and design and pallet rack installation ensure that warehouses are optimally organized and safe.

Innovations such as warehouse robotics and ASRS significantly enhance warehouse operations. Such technologies and services not only benefit brands like Costa Farms and TransCore LP but also support the broader sectors of retail, agriculture, food processing, and logistics in Florida.

By adopting these strategic approaches, any warehouse in Florida can become a model of efficiency, ready to tackle future storage and operational challenges.

When looking to customize your warehouse, keep these tips in mind.

  • Embrace technology like Warehouse Robotics and ASRS for enhanced efficiency.
  • Consider services like Warehouse Layout and Design for optimal space utilization.
  • Utilize quick-ship options to meet immediate project needs.
  • Tailor solutions to industry-specific requirements for maximum effectiveness.

Florida’s innovative warehouse management strategies, as demonstrated by Costa Farms and TransCore LP, offer valuable lessons for businesses aiming to upgrade their warehousing capabilities. By integrating warehouse design, technology, and tailored services, warehouses can significantly improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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