Storing Things on the Ground Isn’t Always an Option

Here in Minnesota, like in many parts of the country, it’s not always a good idea to store things on the ground, given the elements and limited space most of us contend with. Storing things on the ground in your garage without garage racking can leave them susceptible to getting dirty, incurring water damage, or taking up an unnecessary amount of storage space. Certain types of items, such as firewood, engines or automotive parts, various types of tools and machinery, as well as a host of other materials, would be best served not to have to endure the moist, dirty surface of a garage floor.

Firewood, for example, often cannot sit directly on the ground because it will eventually become too moist to burn.  Snowmobile and ATV storage can be tricky — they can be stored on the ground, but will often take up an unnecessary amount of space. And, because of their oblong shape, you’ll be unable to stack or store anything on top of them.  There is, however, a convenient, cost-effective solution to your storage problems.

How Do I Store My Stuff On The Ground

Pallet Rack for Personal Storage

Pallet rack systems aren’t the first thing most people think of when running through their personal storage solution options. In fact, most probably wouldn’t think of it at all. It isn’t readily apparent that those big metal shelves we see at Home Depot could be bought in the right size and quantity to fit in your garage and be used to store things off the ground. It seems more likely they’d be sold to large companies who need them for storing inventory and stocking sales floors. However, while they certainly do serve well in their more traditional roles, they work extremely well as a means of storing personal belongings. One can store large, long items on racking without wire decking, or outfit their rack with wire decking for smaller items or to increase stability and provide a flat surface.

A variety of cleaning and work materials sit on a bay of pallet racking

New or Used Pallet Rack – Which to Use?

If you’re wondering whether to buy new or used pallet rack the answer is that it is largely a matter of personal preference. Because it is fresh from the manufacturer, new rack is guaranteed to be as strong as the manufacturer states it to be and will not have endured any previous use or abuse. Used rack, on the other hand, offers a cost-effective storage solution for those simply looking to conveniently store their stuff off the ground. For more info, call 800-722-5908 or get a quote today!

A car is parked and the hood of it sits underneath a pallet rack bay.

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