Part # 1: Gathering and Documenting the RIGHT Information.

Before we start looking for the best solution for our clients, we always gather and document all data related to the activity in the warehouse and ask the following questions:

  1. What are current product item or pallet sizes, weights, and quantities being stored?
  2. Are there plans for future products?
  3. What are the existing warehouse practices including the current racking, shelving, and forklifts being used?
  4. How are current orders being processed, picked, and shipped?
  5. What type of technology is utilized to pick orders?
  6. Are bar codes and scanners used?
  7. Is a WMS system present?
  8. Is there a separate packing or shipping area?
  9. What size of the aisle is required for the forklift to turn into and out of pallet rack bays?
  10. What is the capacity of the forklift? What are the height restrictions of the forklift?

In addition to the preceding questions, the layout area of the existing warehouse has to be determined by documenting the:

  • building column locations
  • ceiling height
  • bar joist clearance
  • doorways
  • dock door locations
  • and any other objects that might interfere with any of the storage locations
    • (i.e. heaters, air conditioning units, sprinkler systems, electrical control boxes, etc.).

Once the data gathering is thoroughly completed, the process of looking at the best solutions for your warehouse can begin. In Part 2 of this series, “The Best Solution for your Warehouse: Formulating Options” we will explain how we find the best warehouse solutions from the data gathered.

By: Jerry Fredrickson Senior Design Specialist

If you would like more information on warehouse design visit our Warehouse Layout & Design page or call 800-722-5908 for a free consultation with one of our Design Specialists.

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