Part # 2: Formulating Options for Your New Warehouse Layout with the RIGHT Data

Now that the data gathering is thoroughly completed, you can start formulating options for your new warehouse layout. You can begin to layout your pallet racking options because you know the exact clear height and the square footage available. You will be able to design your rack system around the specific details of your building including the column locations and other equipment you need to work around including a/c units, ceiling fans, electrical boxes, etc. Aisle widths can also now be calculated because you have properly documented all of the forklift and material handling equipment information needed.

Detailed product data can now help you determine if you can save valuable warehouse space by going to 2, 3, or 4 deep locations and what locations need to remain single deep. Also by knowing your product’s pallet dimensions you are able to maximize space by figuring out how many pallets high you can successfully store. By previously discussing the shipping and receiving areas you can now design your warehouse around a solution that will be instrumental in how your product will be stored, picked, and shipped. If your company does a lot of small orders or split case picking you can look at and compare the different shelving systems and carton flow racking to determine the best picking solution for your overall warehouse plan.

In summary, all of this data gathering is vital to formalizing the best possible solutions for your company’s future efficient and cost-saving operations. If you would like more information on warehouse design visit our Warehouse Layout & Design page or call 800-722-5908 for a free consultation with one of our Design Specialists.

By: Jerry Fredrickson Senior Design Specialist


If you missed, The Best Solution for your Warehouse: Part 1 – Gather Information. Read it now to discover the many elements of a building that requires special measurements and planning. 

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