How to Order Pallet Rack Wire Decking

Pallet rack, by its nature, automatically consists of at least two main components: upright frames and cross beams.  Upright frames act as a vertical support, while cross beams support loads placed on the racking and help stabilize the system.  But, if you’re planning to place loads on your pallet rack, and we’re guessing you are, there’s a good chance you’ll want to place some type of decking on your cross beams.  The two beams are strong, but they don’t provide much surface area on which to place loads, or room for error for that matter. There are a number of types of decking one can install on their pallet rack system, but we recommend wire mesh decking, widely recognized as the industry standard.  One can use wood and other alternative shelving, but we have a blog article dedicated to why this isn’t the best idea. We’ve put together a brief, straightforward outline of the steps involved in ordering pallet rack wire decking.  Fortunately for those in the market to purchase wire decking, it’s a pretty easy process. 1. Choose your channel style. Wire mesh decking is supported by “channels,” and these channels are available in two styles: U Channel and Flare Channel.  The type of channel you need will depend on the type of pallet rack beam the decking will sit on. 2. Measure your pallet rack cross beam length. You’ll want to measure the length of your pallet rack cross beam.  AK Material Handling Systems’ online pallet rack catalog, Pallet Rack Now, has an excellent tutorial on how to so.  It’s a quick and painless process. 3. Measure your upright front to back.    In order to figure out the correct dimensions for your wire decking, you’ll need to measure the depth of your uprights.  This is done by measure from the outside of one end of the upright to the outside of the other end of the same upright. 4. Measure the width of the top of your beam. The next measurement to take will be the width of the top of your pallet rack cross beam.  There is no standard width for the top of a pallet rack cross beam, so it’s crucial to collect an accurate measurement. 5. Measure the depth of your beam step. After measuring the width of the top of your beam, you’ll want to measure the depth of the beam step, i.e. the depth from the top of the beam at which the beam becomes wider. 6. Figure our the maximum capacity needed per pallet position. Calculate the maximum capacity you’re going to need per pallet position.  This step is fairly self-explanatory, and the figure you calculate will depend directly on what you plan to store on the rack. 7. Find the manufacturer of your pallet rack. Determine the manufacturer of the pallet rack you’re going to be using the wire decking with.  This can usually be done by looking for a logo or name imprint on the rack system, but can also be done using a google search or a pallet rack guide. 8. Find all part numbers for your rack system if available. If available, locate all part numbers on your particular rack system. 9. Figure our how many wire decks you need. Finally, before ordering, you’ll want to figure out how many wire decks you’re going to need.  There is generally one wire deck per pallet position.
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