Ordering the wrong size pallet rack wire decking can cost your company a lot of money and also be a very frustrating process. To help our clients order the right wire decking the first time around, we have created this checklist titled:

“Important Questions and Dimensions for Ordering Pallet Rack Wire Mesh Decking”

  1. What is the pallet rack style, brand or manufacturer?
  2. Beam Style (box or step)?
  3. Flush (drop in style) or waterfall fit?
  4. Type of Finish (Powder Coat) or (Galvanized)?
  5. Capacity rating of your rack (per pair of your beams)?
  6. How are the wire decks going to be loaded? (Uniformly Distributed Load) (Concentrated Load) (Point Load)
  7. Other options?
  8. Channel Options: (Inverted) (No channel flat screen)
  9. What type of product is being stored?
  10. Important Dimensions:Outside to outside of beam:
  • Inside to inside of beam:
  • Top of beam:
  • Vertical height of the step:
  • Width across bottom of beam:
  • Length of beam inside of frame to inside of frame:

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Or if you are interested in learning more about our pallet rack wire mesh decks, visit our dedicated wire deck page.