For warehouse managers and companies eyeing new warehousing solutions, this article provides an essential roadmap and cutting-edge strategies for enhanced operational efficiency. Find actionable insights and methods for success inspired by Indiana’s leading warehousing solutions below.


From Warsaw to Frankfort: A Journey of Warehouse Transformation

In the bustling cities of Warsaw and Frankfort, Indiana, companies like Legrand AV and Value Merchandise International demonstrate how innovative warehousing can reshape industries. These companies are not just facilities storing goods; they are the epicenters of logistics.

Legrand AV: Synthesizing Efficiency in Manufacturing

Legrand AV’s story in Indiana is a narrative of strategic planning and quick order fulfillment with AK Material Handling Systems. Legrand AV’s divisions offer a comprehensive range of audiovisual solutions, including advanced mounts, racks, video conferencing systems, home theater setups, screens, and connectivity options. Their products are designed to facilitate exceptional audiovisual experiences, blending innovation with functionality. 

By implementing a selective rack system complete with wire decking and shims designed for electronics manufacturing, they have mastered the art of maximizing space while maintaining the agility needed to meet their customers’ demands. 

“We utilized quick ship to offer a quick turnaround for a project they had on their end.”

Brian Koski, Warehouse Design SpecialistBrian Koski, Warehouse Design Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

Value Merchandise International: Redefining Warehousing and Distribution

In the heart of Frankfort, Value Merchandise International stands out as an example of warehousing innovation. As an established closeout wholesaler that buys and sells extreme value general merchandise products, their selective racking for warehousing and distribution exemplifies their commitment to combining storied expertise with modern efficiency standards.

“We provided used racking to save the customer money and avoid long lead times. We had local installation crews on each end and were able to coordinate reusing their original rack as well as provide new racking to supplement their storage system.”

Brian Koski, Warehouse Design SpecialistBrian Koski, Warehouse Design Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems
Value Merchandise International Indiana product categories

Value Merchandise International Product Categories

We had worked with this customer a couple of years prior to this project to relocate them from their Plymouth, MN facility to a new facility in central IN. This warehouse relocation project spanned three months and took them from a 60,000 sq ft warehouse to an 80,000 sq ft warehouse.

Integrating Advanced Technologies

Technological advancements play a pivotal role in Indiana companies and their warehousing strategies. The integration of warehouse robotics, ASRS, and warehouse cranes, along with robust industrial racking and adherence to OSHA standards, form the backbone of a well-coordinated warehouse. 

Warehouse managers searching for custom strategies like Legrand AV and Value Merchandise International excel by:

  • Adopting Industry-Specific Racking Systems:
    • For Legrand AV: The implementation of selective racks optimized for electronics manufacturing not only maximized their storage capacity but also allowed for the agility required in the dynamic manufacturing sector. This approach demonstrates the importance of customizing storage solutions to meet the specific needs of the electronics industry.
    • For Value Merchandise International: Their use of selective racking for general merchandise products warehousing and distribution highlights the necessity of industry-specific solutions. This strategy ensures efficient space utilization and smooth operations, catering specifically to the warehousing and distribution sectors.
  • Prioritizing Rapid Solutions for Immediate Needs:
    • Quick ship in Legrand AV’s situation showcases the significance of quick adaptability and implementation in warehouse design projects. We were able to provide this customer’s storage system in a short period of time to push their operations live as soon as possible.
    • Similarly, Value Merchandise International’s adoption of a tailored racking solution underlines the significance of rapid response to project needs in the warehousing and distribution industry, ensuring minimal downtime and maximized efficiency.
  • Harnessing Technological Advancements for Enhanced Operations:
    • By integrating modern racking systems, Legrand AV has set a precedent for employing advanced technology to enhance precision and efficiency in manufacturing. This approach is crucial for companies looking to stay ahead in technologically evolving industries.
    • Value Merchandise International’s strategy of adopting efficient racking solutions aligns with the trend of leveraging technology for operational excellence in warehousing. This highlights the broader trend of technological integration as a key driver for efficiency and accuracy in warehouse management.

These case studies serve as valuable models for entities in the automotive, distribution, and manufacturing sectors, among others. They emphasize the critical role of collaborating with a reliable warehouse design and efficiency firm such as AK. By choosing tailored solutions, implementing them swiftly, and integrating advanced technologies, warehouse personnel can concentrate on core activities rather than routine tasks. This approach enables companies to attain optimal warehousing efficiency and equips them to meet the evolving demands of contemporary storage needs.

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