For warehouse managers and businesses aiming to redesign their storage operations, this page identifies tips from California companies using warehouse design to provide a path to efficiency and success.

From the vibrant streets of Los Angeles to the bustling bay of San Francisco, California stands as an example of innovation in warehouse design. This article delves into the experiences of Meridith Baer Home and Jocott Brands, two companies that have upgraded their storage and logistics approaches with AK Material Handling Systems.


Meridith Baer Home: Reinventing Home Staging and Interior Design

Meridith Baer Home, a Los Angeles business in home staging and interior design, has redefined its storage efficiency. The company’s strategic utilization of pallet racks has enabled the firm to optimize space and manage inventory more effectively, serving as a model for the e-commerce and logistics sectors.

AK Material Handling Systems provided perforated decking to store various different-sized knick-knacks intended for home staging. The customer’s previous wire decking did not meet their need, so they reached out for a new solution. AK’s perforated decking solution provided:

  • Compliance with stringent California fire codes. Fire codes require that 50% of each shelf level in a facility is left open for air and water flow. Perforated decking met this requirement while providing a solid and stable surface.
  • Solid storage surface for miscellaneous items. 
  • Custom solutions that met the unique needs of this client.
Perforated deck

Example of perforated decking

Aerosol Cages: Effective Storage for Beauty Product Marketing

Floor-to-ceiling aerosol cage

Example of a floor-to-ceiling aerosol cage

In San Francisco, a prominent developer and marketer of beauty products demonstrated a similar commitment to efficient warehousing. This company reached out to AK Material Handling Systems seeking a custom aerosol safety cage in conjunction with selective pallet racking systems. 

The beauty industry is known to store aerosols like hairspray, foams, and other pressurized canisters. New aerosol storage requirements demand full enclosures and fire protection for these products to prevent risk and safety hazards presented by flammable, highly pressurized components. 

Key Strategies for This Company’s Warehouse Management

  • Tailored Racking Solutions: Adapting racking systems like pallet racks and aerosol safety cages to meet industry-specific new regulations in California is paramount.
  • Optimal Space Management: Efficiently organizing warehouse space using strategic layout and racking to maximize utility.
  • Regulation Adherence: California’s warehouse regulations are unique because the state is located in a seismic zone. The aerosol cage will help this company adhere to local and state regulations while protecting its facility and employees.

Tips for Success

As we conclude, remember that the key to efficient warehouse design is customizing solutions to fit specific industry needs. Here are some bullet points to guide you:

  • Adopt racking systems that align with your industry’s unique requirements.
  • Understand local and state regulations and requirements
  • Utilize technological innovations to boost efficiency and accuracy in operations.
  • Prioritize designs that maximize space utilization and streamline inventory management.

This page has explored the storage solutions of California-based companies like Meridith Baer Home and Jocott Brands in warehouse design. Their strategies in space optimization, industry-specific solutions, and technological integration offer invaluable insights for warehouse managers and businesses looking to enhance their operations.

If you are looking for quality warehouse design solutions in California or nationwide, call 800-722-5908 or complete a quote form to get started!

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