Typical Pallet Flow Lane (Looking into entry end)

Pallet flow rack can be used in a wide variety of applications. Most pallet types can be used in pallet flow racking with the correct warehouse layout design. Therefore, if you need FIFO (First In First Out), high-density storage, you may want to consider a pallet flow rack. Systems can be designed for pallet storage of over 50 pallets deep, although 2 to 12 deep is more typical. One word of caution!!! Be wary of improperly designed or used systems. Always consult a design expert when considering pallet flow or other pallet rack systems. Although pallet flow is robust, it requires a good design, a good installation, and decent pallets for proper flow of the pallets. We have seen failures because of improper design of the type of rollers, brakes, entry guides, and/or the supporting pallet rack. In addition, the rack installer must be experienced in installing pallet flow to avoid the dreaded pallet hang-up. Don’t worry, there millions of pallet positions out there that work flawlessly. Lastly, the pallet type must match the design of the pallet flow. In other words, you may not be able to mix and match pallet types and pallet flow styles. Successful installations are designed for a specific type of pallet and weight range.

Manufacturers of pallet flow roller have unique designs which have their strengths and weaknesses. We use our experience to choose and design the best approach for your type of pallet and your operation. Then, a competent rack manufacturer is chosen to provide the supporting structure.

In summary, if you have valuable floor space and need more pallet positions without sacrificing FIFO, pallet flow rack may be the right choice.

Applications: Printing, Food and beverage, Manufacturing, Distribution, Staging, Cold Storage

Advantages: FIFO, High-Density Storage

Disadvantages: Cost

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