Pallet Rack Maintenance & Inspection

Pallet Rack Maintenance & Inspection: WHY?

Although pallet racking systems are engineered and manufactured for extreme heavy duty applications, at any time there could be a problem within your rack system that could be compromising the safety of your entire facility. No matter what type of business or warehouse that you have, it is crucial to set up and maintain a maintenance or inspection plan for your warehouse pallet rack system. This is done not only for the safety of your employees but also equipping your warehouse to meet all of the rules and regulations set by OSHA. It is extremely important to have your pallet racking inspected on a regular basis, documenting these safety checks holding your team accountable, making sure any damage or unsafe issues are handled properly.Pallet Rack Maintenance List

Pallet Rack MaintenanceThe purpose of this document is to provide owners/operators a simple resource to aid in their timely identification of the most common types of pallet rack damage. AK Material Handling Systems assumes no responsibility or liability of any kind as a result of the use of this guide. (Always have a professional structural engineer approve all repairs and changes to your storage system)

Pallet Rack Maintenance Frame Inspection

–  Check the front and rear column of each upright for any damage due to pallet loading or forklifts
–  Review for any twisting of the frame column
Bracing – Horizontals & Diagonals
–  Inspect for any bent or missing horizontals and diagonals
–  Check for broken welds
–  Inspect that anchors are secured to the baseplate (typically one anchor per upright baseplate is recommended)
–  Inspect for missing, or loose sheared anchors

Pallet Rack Cross Beam Inspection

–  Check all beam to frame connections for missing safety clips or bolts
–  Inspect for frontal damage or any downward impact
–  Inspect for any bowing, bending, bent or twisted cross beams

Pallet Rack Wire Deck Safety Inspection

–  Review each beam level for uniformily distributed pallet loads
–  Inspect for any breaks in the welds on the mesh decking
–  Inspect for any bowing or bending in the mesh

Pallet Rack Accessory Inspection

–  Inspect that anchors are secured to the baseplate
–  Inspect for any breaks in the welds

Pallet Rack Systems Maintenance

Drive-In Rack
Broken down into Rails and Horizontal & Vertical Bolted Bracing
-Rails: Inspect for any rail deformation, plumbness of rail, any broken welds between arm and rail, and any loose or missing hardware
-Horizontal (Rail Diagonal) & Vertical (Back Diagonal) Bolted Bracing: Inspect for any bent or missing bracing, and any loose or missing hardware

Push Back Rack
Broken down into Push Back Rails and Push Back Carts
-Push Back Rails: Inspect alignment of rails, for any broken welds, for missing or loose hardware, and rails for debris and clean as required
-Push Back Carts: Inspect the alignment of carts, the flow carts, wheels to be replaced, for any loose or broken welds, and for any loose or missing hardware.

Pallet Rack Maintenance – Don’t Forget…

When you think that your racking needs inspection, these are just tips of what to look for but you always want to hire a rack inspector professional. It is crucial that you don’t do this yourself, to insure that your warehouse is safe and follows standards. Also, during and following inspection you want to assure that your inspector is documenting everything being done so that your records are up to date.