Anyone who works in a warehouse knows that one of the greatest keys to productivity is how effectively and efficiently workers can pick their needed merchandise. Slow pick times mean less productivity, which means less profitability. Therefore, in order to ensure the best productivity you need to have the best pallet rack systems in place for your pickers to be at their best; like carton flow rack systems, for example.

What Is a Carton Flow Rack?

Carton flow racks systems are about increasing the “pickability” of your inventory. In other words, the easier and quicker something is to pick, the greater its “pickability.” In warehouse operations pick times are extremely important and that’s why the carton flow rack systems are so valuable. Their purpose is to provide a high level of order picking that can also minimize the amount of operator activity. Cartons are loaded to one side of the rack system but picked from the other end, which means it will always utilize a first-in first-out flow system.


Typical Uses of Carton Flow Racking

These rack systems are driven by gravity and therefore work very well with conveyor-based picking. They also offer great visibility as well as order accuracy. There are many uses for carton flow racks but some of the most common places they are used are in manufacturing warehouses, coolers, and freezers and for warehouses with finished goods. Some of the types of industries that typically find these systems useful are printing, distribution, medical, and food and beverage, but they are useful for many other industries as well.

Benefits of Utilizing Flow Rack

Carton flow rack systems offer several benefits to warehouse pickers and their productivity, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • With a wide range of shapes and sizes these rack systems can handle just about any kind of merchandise.
  • The convenient drop-in design is compatible with previously existing structures, which makes installation possible anywhere you like.
  • Product is always easy to access in the front of the rack, which makes picking smoother and more efficient and means less reaching and bending to grab it.
  • Travel time between picks can be greatly reduced because more merchandise can be placed in each bay.
green and yellow flow storage racks that are levels high

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