For warehouse managers and businesses seeking upgraded solutions, this page provides a testament to enhanced warehouse efficiency. Here, we offer a handful of examples and success tips drawn from Arizona’s innovative warehousing strategies.

From the bustling corridors of Nogales to the tranquil vineyards of Cottonwood, Arizona’s landscape of industry and commerce serves as a fertile ground for efficient warehouse design. Notable companies like EDS Manufacturing in electronics and Caduceus Cellars in the food and beverage sector stand out as models.


EDS Manufacturing: Demonstrating Electronics Storage Innovation

Galvanized wire decking

Galvanized wire decking for electronics storage

EDS Manufacturing in Nogales, Arizona, represents a success in electronic goods storage. The company reshaped its storage system by working with AK to implement selective pallet racking and robust galvanized wire decking, creating a safe and efficient storage solution for electronic components. 

Galvanized and stainless steel pallet racking components are non-conductive and ideal for electronic storage. AK provided three sizes of wire decks with capacities ranging from 2700#-3000#. One of AK’s shipments of pallet racking traveled on heat-treated pallets across the border to the company’s Mexico facility. EDS Manufacturing is a repeat customer coming back time and again for rack reconfigurations, storage expansions, or to replace damaged components.

Caduceus Cellars: Blending Tradition with Modernity

In the serene locale of Cottonwood, AZ, Caduceus Cellars has transformed its wine storage system. Working with AK, Caduceus Cellars chose a traditional selective pallet racking system to organize their wine inventory and embrace modern efficiency practices.

Caduceus Cellers’ owner, Maynard James Keenan, is also the lead singer of rock band Tool. He is a singer, songwriter, and winemaker who needed custom storage for his AZ winery. 

AK worked with Keenan and his business to design a custom pallet racking solution comprised of Hannibal frames and beams and Nashville Wire Products wire decks. This combination of components provided the proper capacity and storage requirements for their wine storage application.

Caduceus Cellars wine

These case studies highlight the importance of specialized solutions like selective pallet racking and heavy-duty shelving catering to diverse industries, including retail and beverage production.

A critical aspect of these Arizona success stories is the ability to address immediate project needs with swift solutions. Quick-ship options are invaluable in today’s dynamic market landscape, a strategy that AK Material Handling Systems embraces and facilitates.

Technological integration, such as warehouse robotics, ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems), and advanced conveyor systems, further set apart Arizona’s approach to warehousing. Compliance with OSHA rack capacity labeling requirements and the use of durable racking systems are foundational to a successful warehouse operation.

Summarizing Key Insights

  • Opt for racking systems that resonate with your industry’s unique requirements.
  • Find quick solutions for immediate project demands.
  • Harness technology to boost precision and efficiency in warehouse operations.

Emulating the strategic approaches of EDS Manufacturing and Caduceus Cellars can guide any warehouse toward becoming efficient, successful, and prepared for the future of storage and logistics. Call 800-722-5908 or fill out a quote form to begin a custom storage solution for your application!

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