Industrial Shelving Systems

Steel shelving may be one of the most underutilized storage tools around, both in terms of business and personal use. It’s relatively inexpensive and incredibly versatile. It can prove extremely useful for storage applications that are too small to require a pallet rack system, but large enough to demand sturdy, organized shelving. The number of possible uses is as unlimited as the number of shelving options available.

There is a large number of manufacturers that produce industrial shelving, and many of these manufacturers produce several different kinds of shelving. Figuring out how to choose industrial shelving can be confusing even for a person familiar with the industry. One of the best ways to go about choosing your industrial shelving, then, is to identify the qualities you’re looking for in your shelving.

Maybe you want your shelving to have shelf clips, or maybe it’s imperative that it doesn’t.  Maybe you want shelving that’s lightweight, or maybe your storage needs demand something bulky. Once these needs are identified, it’s a matter of doing research to determine what type of shelving best exemplifies these attributes. If two of your needs are ease of assembly and full utilization of vertical space, you’ll find in your research that Tennsco Low Profile Z-Line shelving fits the bill well. As a Tennsco distributor, we can help you find the best Tennsco metal shelving for your warehouse.

Tennsco Low Profile Shelving

Boltless Shelving

Tennsco Z-Line shelving is a boltless shelving line, meaning it is assembled by inserting the rivets on the corners of the shelves into keyhole-shaped slots on the shelving uprights. This is often a sought-after quality in shelving, as it makes for significantly faster and easier assembly. The only materials that are required are a hammer and the shelving components — no hardware necessary. This feature also makes Tennsco Z-Line shelving highly adjustable, an essential feature if you’re using the shelving to store a constantly-changing inventory.

Steel shelving with four levels of shelves hold a variety of products

Easy-to-assemble Industrial Shelving

Another desirable feature in shelving is the ability to make the best use of vertical space. Storage space is a hot commodity, and shelving that can efficiently utilize that space is always in high demand. The “low profile” part of Tennsco low profile Z-Line shelving means that the height of each shelf is only 1 1/8” tall. Yet, even with this short stature, each shelf level is able to support an impressive 500-600 pounds, depending on the width of the shelf. This combination of slim structure and strong capacity is difficult to find in most shelving, making Tennsco Low Profile shelving among the best choices available for those seeking an easy-to-assemble, efficient shelving unit. We are proud to be Tennsco distributors and supply this high-quality shelving. Learn more about how to assemble Tennsco shelving.

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