The Proper Use of Pallet Rack Wire Decks

Improper use of pallet rack wire decking

It’s common to find large pallet storage racks at almost any warehouse facility that you visit. Depending on the specifications, these racks are manufactured to withhold large amounts of weight. One of the most important components of these rack systems is the wire decking.

What is Wire Decking?

Wire decking is an industrial product that is typically used on pallet rack shelving systems. They are used to provide additional support to the pallets that are being stored in the rack system. Wire decking can also have safety implications as well because it can act as a safety net for any loads that might be unstable. Our industrial wire decking is made of welded wire mesh and typically comes with channels or support wires that act as reinforcements. Rack beams at both the front and back of the rack system support the wire decks.

Use Them Right

Proper use of pallet rack wire deck

There are many factors that can affect the performance of the wire deck, including the grid pattern, the number of channels, and wire thickness to name a few. One of the greatest factors, however, is making sure to use a pallet rack wire properly. If used incorrectly, the consequences can be dangerous. Not only can you lose valuable merchandise, but you could also leave yourself and your employees vulnerable to serious injury or even worse. There are several incorrect ways to use a pallet rack wire deck, including:
• Storing pallets over the gap of two-wire decks. This can compromise the integrity of the deck.
• The wiring should always be properly secured on both the front and rear of the rack. If the wiring is broken or detached it could leave the load vulnerable.
• The wire racks should also fit snuggly against the rack bars with no room for them to slip or move while placing or removing materials.

Advantages of Doing it Right

Because pallet rack wire decks are made of steel their integrity, capacity and performance are always constant. There are also several advantages of using wire mesh decks, which include:

Example 2 of improper use of pallet rack wire decking
• Promotes Safety
• Greater load capacity
• Increases the ability to allow air to flow and less debris
• Increases overhead sprinkler effectiveness
• Minimizes dirt build-up on shelves
• Meets Fire Code Standards

Get it Right the First Time

It’s obvious that a pallet rack wire deck has many advantages. Of course, getting your deck ordered and installed right the first time is a big part of the equation. When you order from AK Material Handling Systems we make sure that you get the right fit for your racks and that all of the proper safety measures are in place for a successful installation and use of the product. This can really pay off because it can save you both time and money. It can also help you keep your work environment safe.

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