Pallet Stop Beams

Before we can talk about the value of a pallet rack pallet stop beam, we should probably talk about what a pallet stop is and in which applications you would consider using a pallet stop. Although it may seem simple, (the definition is in the name) there is more to pallet stops than you might realize.

Backstops for Pallet Racking

Pallet rack systems provide a way to utilize vertical space in warehousing, storage, and distribution facilities. Pallet rack is often used to store and display products in larger retailing operations. As the size of facilities like these increases, the risk of damage due to accidental dropping or improper loading escalates along with it. Using pallet stops within a pallet rack system is just one way to improve and provide the safety barrier needed to prevent pallets from being pushed off the racking while at the same time protecting your pallet racking and property from potential damage. See our in-stock pallet racking.

Some applications see damage to the beams due to drivers loading too close to the pallet racking and hitting the actual beams with the fork truck. In some cases, the driver may even get the backrest of the fork truck under the beam above, knocking the entire beam out of the system. Using a pallet stop will instantly improve warehouse safety by making accidents like these impossible. The driver will be forced to stop before they get too close to the racking.

It’s common to see pallet stops installed in cooler and freezer applications to protect wall panels, or in backroom storage areas to protect the exterior and interior walls from damage. This type of damage can be very costly over time.

The depth of the storage rack and the size of your pallets will determine which type of pallet stop will be required for your storage system. Pallet stops are installed at the rear of the racking, just above the beam level where your pallets/products are stored. There are two types of stops: the flush pallet stop and the offset pallet stop.

Flush Pallet Stop

Flush pallet stops are typically used when you’re using 48″ deep pallets on a 48” deep storage system. In this example, the inside face of the beam is flush with the rear of the frame column. For example, we tend to see flush pallet stops used in the rear of drive-in systems since there’s never pallet overhang.

Offset Pallet Stop

Offset pallet stops are typically used when you have a pallet of a greater depth than the overall depth of your storage system. To give an example, an offset pallet stop would be ideal 48″ deep pallet rack systems storing 48″ pallets. Because pallets typically hang 3” off the front of the beam and 3” off the back of the beam, a 3” offset pallet stop is the most commonly used in this application.

So, what is the value of a pallet stop? It really comes down to this: for a minimal investment, pallet stops will provide a safe working environment for your customers and employees, while protecting your inventory and valued property. With that in mind, they’re worth considering.

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