In the heart of New York, from bustling New York Mills to the Buffalo, Albany, and Syracuse areas, businesses are achieving remarkable feats in warehouse efficiency. This article serves as an actionable compass, offering insights and strategies for managers and companies eager to enhance their warehouse operations.


Case Study: McCraith Beverages – A Model of Efficiency

McCraith Beverages, renowned for its wholesale distribution prowess, serves a broad customer base across ten New York counties. They specialize in delivering top-quality beverages to a diverse range of clients, from local retailers to large-scale commercial entities.

The introduction of a Ridg-U-Rak Selective Pallet Rack system, Nashvile Wire Products wire decking, and Handle-It end-of-aisle protectors in McCraith Beverages’ warehouse significantly elevated the facility’s operational capacity and safety. This strategic move enabled them to better serve their customers through more efficient inventory management, quicker order processing, and enhanced product availability. 

By adopting a selective pallet racking system, they have not only optimized their storage space but also streamlined their distribution processes, setting a benchmark for others in the industry to follow. The implementation of safety guards safeguards their investment by ensuring that the new system is protected along with their products and warehouse personnel.

Sportsfield Specialties Inc.: Optimizing Sports Construction Equipment Storage

Sportsfield Specialties Inc., in New York’s manufacturing sector, produces high-quality sports construction equipment for high school, college, and beyond. Their new Delhi facility needed sturdy storage, so they reached out to AK to implement a custom selective pallet rack system along with anchors for installation

Sportsfield Specialities has upgraded its Delhi, NY facility by implementing custom Ridg-U-Rak selective pallet racking. Their partnership with AK Material Handling Systems meant they instantly gained access to our massive stock of new and used pallet racking. We were able to do a combination system with some new, and some used racking to lower the overall price of their warehouse revamp.

“Sportsfield Specialties has been a great client to work with! We’ve done multiple projects over the years. Sportsfield had sent an email requesting a large quantity of 20’ frames for a new location. We were able to supply them with new and used stock frames in the time frame they requested.”

Jake Koski, Pallet Rack SpecialistJake Koski, Pallet Rack Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

The company’s new pallet rack system created off-the-floor product storage, greater accessibility, and enhanced operational efficiency for its brand-new warehouse. 

Sportsfield Specialties Inc. shipment New York

Sportsfield Specialties Inc. order shipping to New York

The Importance of Custom Solutions in Warehousing

Custom-tailored solutions like drive-in, push-back, and selective pallet racks are crucial in catering to the unique demands of various industries, including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and wholesale distribution. These specialized systems are vital in optimizing space, improving inventory management, and ensuring rapid product accessibility.

Collaborating with Warehouse Design Experts

Working with seasoned warehouse designers like AK Material Handling Systems can yield substantial benefits. Our years of expertise in warehouse layout and design, coupled with services like pallet rack installation and warehouse relocation, can dramatically transform your storage capabilities.

The adoption of advanced technologies such as ASRS, Warehouse Robotics, and Conveyor Systems is revolutionizing the warehousing landscape. These innovations offer:

  • Enhanced efficiency in inventory handling and storage.
  • Reduced manual labor and associated costs.
  • Improved accuracy and speed in order fulfillment.

Key Insights for Warehouse Managers and Business Owners:

Implementing strategic warehouse designs and adopting innovative technologies are key to achieving operational excellence. By embracing the lessons learned from New York brands like McCraith Beverages and Sportsfield Specialties, warehouse managers, like you and companies can significantly enhance their efficiency and customer service. Follow these tips for success to get started:

  • Consult with warehouse design experts for customized solutions.
  • Embrace technological advancements for streamlined operations.
  • Prioritize customer needs through efficient warehouse management.

This comprehensive guide, informed by our experience with industry leaders, offers a practical and insightful approach to mastering warehouse design and operations. Remember, a well-designed warehouse is not just about storage; it’s about building the foundation for business success.

To begin reevaluating your storage facility, call 800-722-5908 or complete an online quote form and one of our design experts will be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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