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If there’s anything you need to know but don’t, there are more resources at your disposal these days than ever before. The internet is overflowing with information on every imaginable topic, and pallet racking is no different. But not all of this information is accurate or simple to understand — in fact, there’s a good chance it’ll leave you feeling more confused than you were before you read it.

At AK Material Handling, we want to make sure people are as informed about pallet rack as possible, and sharing information with our customers is one of the things we do best. So, we’ve put together a blog series highlighting various types of common rack systems, providing concise information about their structural features and what they’re typically used for. In this particular article we’ll talk about teardrop pallet rack, one of the most fundamental and popular types of pallet rack on the market. We hope you enjoy.

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The 411 on Teardrop Pallet Rack

pallet rack with a metal grate

Pallet rack first saw significant popularity during World War II, as the palletizing of goods became ubiquitous in warehouses. The basic components of this racking were much like what’s used today: upright frames, cross beams and some type of decking. These components could either be “structural” or “roll formed.” “Structural” pallet rack refers to a type of pallet rack that uses bolts to connect its members. The capacity of structural pallet rack is significantly greater than that of roll formed pallet rack.

Roll formed pallet rack, on the other hand, features a clip-in style of beam-to-frame connection. While both styles are commonly found in warehouses, roll formed is significantly more popular than its structural cousin.

teardrop pallet rack

Among the most popular sub-types of roll formed pallet rack is teardrop pallet rack. (Shop Online for Pallet Rack)  Teardrop pallet rack earned its name from the teardrop-shaped holes in which the rivets of the cross beams slide into. The teardrop design has proven to be an effective one, and has become immensely popular over the years, with numerous manufacturers producing their own teardrop-style rack. The fact that teardrop pallet rack is such a staple in the pallet rack industry can be a plus for consumers, as it makes it easier to mix-and-match rack made by different manufacturers. However, serious precaution should be taken when doing so, and any warrantee given by either manufacturer will usually be eliminated. Cross beams are often kept from being dislodged from their teardrop slots by inserting a safety clip into aligning holes in he beam-to-frame connection.

Teardrop pallet rack typically has a wire decking component as well. Wire decking helps to increase the surface area upon which pallets sit, and also increases the capacity of each beam level.

The wire mesh surface in wire decking is supported underneath by channels, which can come in either a U-shape or a flare shape. U-shaped wire deck channels fit step beams, or beams that have an indent in one of their sides. Flare channels, on the other hand, have a universal fit, but must be used for box beams, or beams with four even sides and no indent

wire deck rests on pallet racking beam showing off the u-channel of the wire decking

Who Needs Teardrop Pallet Rack?

Of all the pallet rack systems, teardrop pallet rack is perhaps the most versatile. As a type of selective racking, it offers immediate access to every piece of inventory in stock, making it ideal for applications in which inventory moves quickly. Seeing teardrop pallet rack in use is as easy as walking into your local big box hardware stores or their distribution centers, where it’s used to store bulk items. Retail inventory rooms and wholesale stores frequently use teardrop pallet rack, as do many general warehousing operations. Teardrop pallet rack is easily assembled and is relatively cost-effective. Because of its versatility and adjustability, teardrop pallet rack can be used in a wide variety of applications and has become among the most popular rack systems in North America.

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