Actionable Insights for Elevating Warehouse Efficiency

In the heart of Texas’s industrial realm, warehouse managers and companies are constantly upgrading for peak efficiency. This page highlights the path to a smarter, more efficient warehousing strategy. By reviewing the practices of industry forerunners in Texas, like Chewy and Bauer Equipment America, we find comprehensive tips for success.

Our experience working with brands in the e-commerce, oil and gas, and others in the manufacturing sectors reveals strategies to optimize warehouse operations. Follow along for practical steps for warehouse professionals.

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Chewy, a distinguished leader in the e-commerce sector, has revolutionized the digital marketplace for pet products. Their vast clientele across the U.S. is a testament to their logistical excellence, which stands as a cornerstone of their operational success.

In a strategic initiative to enhance its warehouse capabilities, Chewy recently overhauled its storage systems. The addition of 200 levels of Tennsco medium-duty shelving marks a significant leap towards a more robust and efficient storage solution. This upgrade isn’t just about reorganizing space—it’s a deliberate effort to refine inventory management and accelerate order fulfillment processes. The ultimate goal? To serve their pet-loving customers more swiftly and reliably.

Chewy Inc. Texas

Chewy’s partnership with AK Material Handling Systems (AK) has been instrumental in this transformation. AK brought in a fresh perspective on warehouse layout and design, leading to the rapid installation of new shelving systems totaling over 6,120 lbs of steel and wood. This move was essential for Chewy to keep pace with the dynamic demands of the e-commerce market.

“I’ve worked with Chewy on multiple projects over the years, and they’ve always been great to work with. We provided the same storage materials to various Chewy locations around the country.”

Jake Koski, Pallet Rack SpecialistJake Koski, Pallet Rack Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

Bauer Equipment America

Bauer Equipment America is a prominent heavy machinery and tool manufacturer. Headquartered in Conroe, TX, Bauer excels in producing drilling, cutting, and crane systems for specialist foundation engineering and mining applications. Industrial drilling and mining equipment production requires adequate storage to meet the strenuous demands of this process.

Partnering with AK, Bauer implemented an extensive Steel King selective pallet rack system complete with J&L Wire Products wire decking. This system totaled over 21,000 lbs of steel and shipped via multiple full truckloads of material. 

“Bauer Equipment has been a wonderful repeat customer who I’ve had the pleasure of working with on multiple occasions. In this instance, Bauer was adding storage in additional areas of their warehouse.”

Adam HansenAdam Hansen, Pallet Rack Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems
Bauer Equipment America Texas

Bauer Equipment America order shipping to Texas

Working With Warehouse Designers: AK’s Versatile Offerings

AK’s contribution extends beyond just providing storage and layout planning. We excel in space optimization, a diverse range of material handling products, and proficiency in pallet rack relocation which has played a critical role in streamlining warehouse operations. By leveraging these specialized services, Chewy, Bauer, and other businesses have not only modernized their storage infrastructure but also fortified their supply chain against the challenges of a fast-paced market.

The broader implications of adopting such industry-specific storage solutions are significant. By prioritizing quick installation and adaptable designs, companies like Chewy and Bauer Equipment America are not just enhancing their current operations—they’re future-proofing their warehouses. Expert guidance in customizing warehouse layouts and relocation strategies is more than a service; it’s a strategic investment in operational longevity.

The Road to Efficient Warehousing

The tangible benefits of these upgrades are evident in Chewy and Bauer’s storage facilities. The enhanced shelving and pallet rack solutions provided by AK have transformed their supply chain, ensuring faster, more reliable deliveries. This efficiency resonates well with both companies’ customer base, fostering trust and loyalty. 

Moreover, these advancements are not limited to the e-commerce and manufacturing sectors. Other industries, including oil and gas and distribution, are also reaping the rewards of improved inventory management and operational efficiency. Such strategic improvements are pivotal in elevating customer satisfaction, driving growth, and ensuring adaptability in a fiercely competitive landscape.

If you are seeking expert warehouse design or related services, call 800-722-5908 or fill out a quote form to get in touch with our design team today! We look forward to hearing about your project goals and helping facilitate enhanced operations.

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