A Roadmap to Warehouse Excellence

In the heart of Utah’s industrial sector, companies are redefining warehouse efficiency. This page, a summary of our experience with brands in electronics manufacturing, aerospace, and general manufacturing, offers actionable insights into warehouse design. By examining the approaches of Legrand in Draper and Williams International in Ogden, we unveil strategies that can transform any warehouse into a model of efficiency.


Legrand: Turnkey Relocation Services for an Evolving Business

Legrand, known for its extensive electronics, lighting, and cable inventory, recently underwent a significant warehouse relocation from Draper, Utah, to Shakopee, Minnesota. This two-day relocation project required pallet rack teardown, transportation, and reinstallation at the new facility.

Moving pallet racks is an involved process that requires heavy machinery and intensive planning. AK Material Handling Systems offers full warehouse relocation services from teardown to installation and everything in between. In Legrand’s case, we were able to complete the entire move in two days, tearing down, shipping, and reinstalling over 70 bays of selective pallet racking.  

Legrand Utah

Williams International: Safe Storage for Aerospace and Aviation

Williams International is a gas turbine engine manufacturer supporting the aerospace and aviation industries. We assisted Williams Intl’s Utah storage facility with the implementation of Interlake selective pallet racking, J&L wire decks, and SpaceGuard Products rack back safety panels

The company’s commitment to efficiency and safety throughout its facility is apparent in its choice of storage systems. Rack backing is a warehouse safety product intended to prevent falling items or pallets that could otherwise cause serious injury or death. This strategic choice not only optimizes their storage operations but also provides safety for employees and customers.

Services That Enhance Warehouse Efficiency

AK offers an array of services that can significantly boost your warehouse functionality. From space planning and warehouse layout design to installation, rack inspection, and relocation services, AK has the expertise to carry your facility to new levels of operational excellence

These services ensure that warehouses have the proper permitting and are not only well-organized but also compliant with safety standards, such as OSHA rack capacity labeling requirements, fire codes, and more.

By following the lead of companies like Legrand and Williams International, other warehouses can achieve similar levels of efficiency and preparedness for future storage demands. Implementing innovative and flexible storage solutions and seeking expert guidance are pivotal steps in this journey.

The Keys to Optimized Warehousing

Warehouse managers and companies aiming for heightened efficiency can draw inspiration from the experiences of Utah’s leading brands. Key takeaways include:

  • Embrace custom storage solutions like selective pallet racking.
  • Prioritize warehouse design and planning.
  • Seek expert guidance for optimal results.

Through these strategies, warehouses across various industries can achieve a new pinnacle of operational excellence, setting a benchmark in the warehousing world.

To learn how we can help, call 800-722-5908 or fill out our online quote form. One of our design experts would love to speak with you about your warehouse project today!

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