For warehouse managers and companies looking to refine their operations, this page offers a roadmap to warehouse efficiency. It’s a treasure trove of methodologies and success-driven tips, rooted in Oklahoma’s advanced warehousing solutions. In the heart of Oklahoma’s bustling industrial sector, companies like Mountain Country Foods in Okeene and Jasco in Oklahoma City are redefining warehouse efficiency. 


Mountain Country Foods: Leading in Pet Treat Manufacturing

Mountain Country Foods, situated in Okeene, OK, excels in pet treat manufacturing, packaging, and distribution services. This company has carved out a distinctive niche in the pet goods industry, serving a diverse clientele with high-quality products.

The implementation of wire decking by Mountain Country Foods is a testament to their commitment to safety and regulation compliance

“The company was previously using wood decking on their shelf levels. They needed a new decking option to eliminate fire hazards in their facility. Wire mesh decking is open, allowing air and water to flow freely through the shelves, which significantly enhances safety.”

Adam HansenAdam Hansen, Pallet Rack Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

Wire decking is made of solid steel, which is less pliable and more damage-resistant than wood decking. Mountain Country Foods has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its operations since collaborating with AK Material Handling Systems. They have achieved compliance with safety standards and a sturdier storage option that is less prone to damage or failure.

Jasco Products: Efficient Solutions for Electronics Storage

Jasco, a home electronics provider based in Oklahoma City, offers innovative LED lighting, smart home, security, power and charging solutions, cables, home entertainment offerings, and more. 

The company’s commitment to efficiency shines through its warehouse design choices. In 2022, Jasco worked with AK Material Handling Systems to implement a custom used pallet rack system complete with selective pallet racking, wire decking, and row spacers

“We came through for this client, being able to source a large chunk of quality, used racking in the sizes they needed. We provided over 600 frames, creating over 6,600 new pallet positions in their warehouse.”

Brian Koski, Warehouse Design SpecialistBrian Koski, Warehouse Design Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

The Importance of Tailored Warehouse Solutions

Custom solutions like wire decking and selective pallet racks are vital for industries ranging from warehousing and distribution to retail. Working with a warehouse designer such as AK Material Handling Systems can bring transformative changes. Services like warehouse layout and design, space planning, and pallet rack installation are critical to achieving optimal efficiency.

Adopting technologies like ASRS, Warehouse Cranes, and Conveyor Systems can propel Oklahoma industries, including Agriculture, Oil and Gas, and Manufacturing, into a new era of operational excellence. These innovations, coupled with AK’s expertise, ensure that warehouses are not just storage spaces but engines of productivity.

Transform Warehouse Operations for Peak Success

Oklahoma’s warehouse managers can learn immensely from the experiences of companies like Mountain Country Foods and Jasco. Embracing smart warehouse designs and technologies is key to staying competitive. By following these insights and leveraging the expertise of professionals like the design group at AK Material Handling Systems, businesses can transform their warehouses into highly efficient, customer-centric hubs.

Remember, your warehouse is more than a storage area; it’s the backbone of your operations. Investing in smart designs and technology today can lead to significant rewards tomorrow. Call 800-722-5908 or fill out our online quote form to begin your journey toward operational excellence today!

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