In the heart of Oregon’s bustling industrial scene, companies are constantly seeking ways to enhance their warehouse operations. This page offers actionable tips and a roadmap to success for warehouse managers like you and businesses aiming to revamp their storage and distribution processes.


King Cycle Group: A Story of Evolution

King Cycle Group, an e-commerce giant in the realm of manufacturing and distribution, has made significant strides in evolving its warehouse infrastructure. Located in Portland, OR, the company has carved a niche in the manufacturing sector, particularly in the realms of electronics and agriculture.

King Cycle Group’s partnership with AK Material Handling Systems has significantly boosted its warehouse efficiency and customer service. Key improvements include optimized warehouse safety through cantilever arm lips, leading to streamlined operations and faster distribution. 

Cantilever racking is a unique storage system with arms that protrude out from a center column. These arms are great for storing products of various shapes and sizes, but sometimes they need accessories like arm lips to prevent products from rolling and falling off their ends.

We were able to provide a hefty number of arm lips for this client, contributing to their enhanced inventory management and increased operational efficiency and safety. 

King Cycle Group cantilever arm lips shipping to Oregon

Cantilever arm lips shipping to Portland, Oregon

Rinchem: Enhancing Chemical and Gas Distribution

Rinchem, a chemical management solutions provider, offers global chemical and gas distribution services with a clear focus on safety and efficiency. The company has a strong presence in Oregon, with various facilities in Tualatin, Hillsboro, and Cornelius. 

Partnering with AK Material Handling Systems, Rinchem optimized its Hillsboro chemical warehouse facility with Steel King selective pallet racking and J&L Wire wire decking

“This customer needed racking in their new cold storage room. The storage space and application required taller uprights which we were able to special order to meet the client’s needs. Once the material arrived, we shipped the order to Oregon and provided installation to get this new space in their facility up and running.”

Adam HansenAdam Hansen, Pallet Rack Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

The Essence of Customized Warehouse Solutions

Tailoring solutions like push-back, drive-in, and selective pallet racks to meet industry-specific needs is vital. For industries as varied as manufacturing, electronics, and agriculture, these custom solutions ensure operational efficiency and scalability.

Working with seasoned warehouse designers like AK Material Handling Systems can catalyze operational success. Our quick-ship options and comprehensive warehouse and storage services, including warehouse layout design and pallet rack installation, provide an invaluable asset to companies like King Cycle Group and Rinchem.

King Cycle Group and Rinchem’s implementation of new warehouse systems like Cantilever racks and selective racks have significantly enhanced their ability to serve their customers. By optimizing space and improving the efficiency of their manufacturing and distribution processes, they have been able to cater to a broader range of client needs, ensuring timely and effective delivery of products. This transformation serves as a real-world example of how intelligent warehouse design can directly contribute to better customer service and business growth.

By adopting strategies similar to King Cycle Group and Rinchem, other warehouses can transition into highly efficient spaces, ready to tackle the storage and distribution challenges of the future.

Summarized Tips for Warehouse Managers and Companies:

  • Strategic design changes are key to operational improvements.
  • Industry-specific solutions guarantee scalability and efficiency.
  • Expert collaboration enhances warehouse functionality.
  • Innovation is essential for maintaining a competitive advantage.

King Cycle Group and Rinchem’s experience in Oregon exemplifies how strategic warehouse design and management can lead to greatly improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Oregon’s journey towards warehouse efficiency, highlighted by these two successes, serves as a blueprint for others in the industry. If you are interested in custom warehouse design services, call 800-722-5908 or complete this online quote form to get started!

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