In North Carolina, the warehousing sector is experiencing a transformative era, marked by innovative design and smart solutions. From the robust manufacturing hubs of Candler to the dynamic aerospace and defense areas such as Fayetteville, the state exemplifies excellence in warehouse operations. Central to this transformation are companies like Haakon Industries and Canteen Vending Services, whose strategic approaches to warehouse design and operation are exemplary.


Haakon Industries: Pioneers in Manufacturing Excellence

Haakon Industries, a prominent player in the manufacturing sector, specializes in custom air-handling equipment. Their clientele spans diverse fields, necessitating a sophisticated warehousing approach. The installation of MECO cantilever rack systems in their Candler, NC facility illustrates their commitment to efficiency and adaptability, crucial for meeting the diverse needs of their customers.

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“This customer was storing more material and needed to add more shelf levels to their cantilever system. We were able to provide additional MECO cantilever arms and work with them to ensure they didn’t exceed their upright capacity limit.”

Adam HansenAdam Hansen, Pallet Rack Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

The enhancements in Haakon Industries’ warehouse have directly impacted their operational capacity. The cantilever racking system, by facilitating easy access and better organization of materials, enables Haakon to streamline its production process, thereby enhancing the company’s service quality and delivery speed.


Canteen: Optimized Storage Solutions for Vending Distribution

Canteen, a vending machine distribution business, optimized their Fayetteville, NC facility with a new Ridg-U-Rak selective pallet rack system complete with Nashville Wire Products wire decking. This custom rack plan enhanced the facility’s vending product storage allowing for more streamlined picking and packing processes and faster distribution of their products.

We were able to ship all the materials from our East Coast warehouse for a faster delivery time and lower shipping costs. This customer has worked with us multiple times, and we have been able to facilitate various efficient storage system designs and deliveries to enhance customer satisfaction and quicken operations.

Canteen vending product example

The Impact of Warehouse Designs

In the broader context of North Carolina’s industrial landscape, these case studies highlight the significance of custom solutions like push-back, selective pallet racks, and more. Such systems are tailored to the unique demands of various industries, from e-commerce to logistics, ensuring that each sector’s specific storage and access needs are met efficiently.

Working with an experienced warehouse designer like AK Material Handling Systems can catalyze this transformation. Our expertise in offering quick-ship options and varied services, such as warehouse layout design and pallet rack installation, provides businesses with the tools needed for swift and efficient warehouse upgrades.

Revolutionizing Industries Beyond Warehousing

The advancements in warehouse technology and design are not just confined to the warehousing and logistics sector. Industries like aerospace, defense, and e-commerce also stand to benefit greatly. For instance, automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), warehouse robotics, and conveyor systems are innovations that can streamline operations, reduce errors, and enhance overall efficiency.

By emulating the strategic approaches of Haakon Industries and Canteen, any warehouse, regardless of its industry, can evolve into a model of efficiency equipped to meet the challenges of modern storage and logistics demands.

Key Takeaways for Warehouse Managers and Business Owners:

  • Consider the implementation of customized racking systems like Cantilever Racks for enhanced space utilization.
  • Explore the integration of advanced technologies such as ASRS and warehouse robotics for improved efficiency.
  • Collaborate with experienced warehouse design experts to optimize layout and operational flow.

By following these actionable tips and insights, you, along with other warehouse managers and companies, can embark on a journey toward creating more efficient, responsive, and future-ready warehousing solutions.

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