Although this question may not come up in your day-to-day conversations, nevertheless the question does seem to make its way to the table.

If you compare galvanized wire decking with ordinary painted decking, the benefits are clear. Painted decking, chips, scratches, peels, and corrodes with time causing an unsightly appearance and increasing friction, while galvanized wire decking retains its appearance, meets several health requirement standards, and can be used in multiple applications, hereby becoming an investment rather than a disposable product.

Teaming up galvanized wire decks with pallet racking creates a storage system capable of handling just about anything. Galvanized wire decks will not require special handling or field touch up, providing a sanitary and self-cleaning product to suit nearly any application. There is minimal dust and/or dirt that collects on the shelves making for a more presentable work area, promoting a cleaner, more sanitary environment. This is especially important for food storage or pharmaceutical applications which are required to withstand extreme temperatures. Using galvanized wire mesh decks will minimizing moisture and corrosion, prolonging the life of the product.

No matter what the storage application may be, the overall quality and versatility of galvanized pallet rack wire decking is by far the superior choice when choosing a galvanized finish overpainted.

As a major stocking distributor for J&L Wire, we offer our clients a pallet rack galvanized wire deck inventory second to none. We stock thousands of J&L decks @ our Minneapolis, MN warehouse and also have the ability to ship wire decks from Reno, NV, and Dayton, OH. If you are interested in receiving a quote visit our Quote Page. You can also call one of our wire deck specialists @ 800-722-5908.

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