As the largest stocking distributor of J&L Wire pallet rack wire mesh decks in the nation, we stock and sell thousands of pallet rack wire mesh decks to clients across the nation. Below we have compiled a list of the features and benefits of wire mesh decking.

Benefits of pallet rack wire mesh decking:

Custom Sizes & Capacities: Wire decking’s versatility also allows you to store full pallet loads and less than pallet loads in the same rack system. Wire decks can be made custom to your rack system ensuring correct load capacities and a perfect fit. Wire decks can be quoted for zero to 8000 lbs applications. Wire mesh can also be created to hold UDL (uniformly distributed loads) or concentrated loads. Mesh patterns can be adjusted to support smaller products and increase capacity.

Multiple Channel Options: Different reinforcement channels offer you a wire deck option for all your rack applications. For example inside waterfall wire decks are used in applications where the front of beam needs to be clear for bar coding. For more channel options visit our pallet rack guide.

Multiple Finishes: including galvanized, powder coated, or electro-zinc plated.

Economical: $$$

Meets Safety and Fire Regulations: Wire decking helps protect your employees from falling objects while also allowing better flow of overhead sprinkler systems if there were ever a fire which can reduce insurance rate and help comply with local fire codes.

Virtually Maintenance Free: means virtually maintenance free.

Easy Installation: Installation is simple and easy. Just drop the decking in and you are off and running.

Light Weight: A standard 42” x 46” wire deck weighs approximately 20 pounds.

Increased Lighting: Wire decking allows overhead light to be better dispersed than wood or steel decking which gives your forklift drivers better visual identification of the products and pallets they are loading and unloading from the rack system.

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