In the heart of Wisconsin’s industrial expanse, companies are setting benchmarks in warehouse efficiency. This page offers practical insights and strategies for those seeking operational enhancements. By analyzing the advancements of notable Wisconsin brands, we unearth valuable lessons for transforming warehouse spaces.

From Superior’s shipping ports and manufacturing hubs to the dynamic distribution networks of Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s warehousing landscape is a testament to innovation. Brands like AMSOIL and Milwaukee Tool exemplify this through their strategic warehouse enhancements.


AMSOIL – Pioneering in Manufacturing Efficiency

Known nationally for their innovative synthetic oils and lubricants, AMSOIL’s commitment to quality echoes through their operational practices. Their Superior-based facility is a hub of efficiency, leveraging various innovative storage systems from Steel King Selective Pallet Racking systems to two-deep pushback racking to optimize space and streamline manufacturing processes.

“AMSOIL is a long-time client of mine who I’ve had to honor of working with for years at various locations around the country. Their Superior facility has undergone multiple storage enhancements done in phases. The first order for this facility was placed back in 2014. With our products and services, we’ve been able to provide all the necessary storage, design, installation, and more for this client, with more projects on the horizon.”

Jerry Fredrickson, Warehouse Design SpecialistJerry Fredrickson, Warehouse Design Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems
AMSOIL storage system in Wisconsin

AMSOIL new storage system

AMSOIL’s warehouse improvements have been pivotal in maintaining its market dominance. By adopting advanced racking systems and safety products, including end-of-aisle guards and column protectors, they’ve enhanced product accessibility and streamlined their distribution by getting more products into the hands of their customers. These changes ensure AMSOIL continues to meet customer demands swiftly, reinforcing its adherence to safety standards and reputation for excellence.

Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool is known for its heavy-duty power tools, hand tools, and accessories. Since 1924, the company has been developing innovative and durable solutions for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing trades. The company partnered with AK Material Handling Systems back in 2016, and we’ve completed over two dozen storage enhancements together at various Milwaukee Tool facilities. Our most recent collaboration took place at the company’s West Bend, Wisconsin, manufacturing support facility in 2023. 

“For this project, we were able to incorporate used pallet rack combined with a good amount of new Ridg-U-Rak selective racking, used wire decks, and row spacers. This system increased Milwaukee Tool’s storage by 600 pallet positions, supporting production in their West Bend facility. It’s been a pleasure working with this client since 2016, and we hope to complete more projects with them in the future!”

Brian Koski, Warehouse Design SpecialistBrian Koski, Warehouse Design Specialist, AK Material Handling Systems

Embracing Custom Solutions

Customization is key in today’s diverse industrial landscape. Solutions like push-back and selective pallet racks are tailored to meet specific industry needs, ranging from distribution to retail. Collaborating with experts like AK Material Handling Systems can bring transformative results. Our offerings, such as quick-ship options and comprehensive warehouse services, are instrumental in achieving peak efficiency.

AK’s Expertise: Elevating Warehousing

By adopting the strategies of AMSOIL and Milwaukee Tool, any company can significantly enhance its warehouse operations. These case studies demonstrate the impact of thoughtful design and strategic upgrades in meeting today’s warehousing challenges and better serving AMSOIL and Milwaukee Tool’s customers.

Key Takeaways for Warehouse Managers, Like You:

  • Optimize space with selective pallet racking systems or other heavy-duty shelving best suited for your products
  • Streamline operations for faster product distribution
  • Embrace customization for your industry-specific needs
  • Collaborate with experts like AK for tailored solutions and services

The journey towards a more efficient warehouse is paved with innovation, strategic planning, and the willingness to adapt. Wisconsin’s leading companies showcase the potential of well-designed warehouse spaces in driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

To inquire about warehouse design services for your facility, call 800-722-5908 or fill out our quote form to get started today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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