OSHA regulations making head spin

As a warehouse manager, you are responsible for upholding OSHA regulations in the workplace and ensuring compliance. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates businesses, setting workplace safety standards and hazard prevention standards. 

The many OSHA regulations and rules can be overwhelming and may even keep you awake at night. To help ease your compliance concerns, here are seven essential OSHA regulations to adhere to and how AK Material Handling Systems can help you stay compliant:

Hazard Communication

Hazard communication has to do with the proper handling and labeling of hazardous materials, such as chemicals. All employees must receive training on recognized hazards and be able to safely handle and dispose of dangerous chemicals.

AK offers rack placards and capacity labels. We also provide essential safety products to properly contain and label hazardous materials to meet local codes. 

Fire Safety

This OSHA regulation requires establishing workplace fire prevention measures, including fire safety training, approved sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, flue spaces, and more. All flammable chemicals must be clearly labeled and stored in a designated part of the facility.

Fire safety products such as flue spacers and wire decking can be worked into your warehouse design. Our design experts are very familiar with rack fire safety and can ensure your storage system is compliant. Check with your city for local fire codes and requirements.

Personal Protective Equipment

OSHA requires personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, reflective gear, safety glasses, and steel-toe shoes in environments with heavy machinery, hazardous chemicals, and other potentially dangerous equipment.

AK can help implement safety products such as rack backing, safety guarding, safety gates, and more to protect visitors and employees.

Electrical Safety

This regulation mandates proper maintenance and employee training regarding all electrical equipment in a facility. Your warehouse design must be constructed around electrical safety codes in your area. 

Our Design Team can structure your pallet rack system around the lighting, breaker boxes, and heavy machinery in your facility. We offer machine guarding, caging, and safety guarding to protect equipment and personnel from electrical damage or injury. 

Forklift Safety

Forklifts are a leading cause of workplace accidents and injuries. This OSHA regulation requires proper forklift maintenance, employee training, and certification. Ongoing forklift driver assessments are encouraged to keep longtime employees compliant with forklift rules and regulations.

Your storage system should be designed with a specific forklift in mind. It’s important to know the type of forklift being used (propane, electric, narrow aisle, reach truck, etc.) so that we can design the racking to work most efficiently with the equipment. 

Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies happen when we least expect them. Workplace managers must establish emergency preparedness plans and train employees on how to respond to emergencies.

We work with the customer and contractor to ensure they have proper rack design for emergencies, including egress routes and tunnels. 


This regulation requires storing all aerosols in a full enclosure to prevent burst aerosol cans from careening through an open warehouse. Fire-proof enclosures and proper handling prevent cans from leaking or catching fire.

Regarding aerosol compliance, AK Material Handling Systems offers a wide range of products designed to meet OSHA regulations. From aerosol storage cabinets to warehouse security cages, AK has everything you need to store and handle aerosols in your warehouse safely.

Need Help Complying With OSHA Regulations?

OSHA compliance is essential and a significant part of running a safe, profitable business. Contact AK Material Handling Systems to access various products and services to help you stay compliant with the OSHA regulations that keep warehouse managers up at night. 

If you need help, we are here. Call 800-722-5908 today or fill out an online quote form for products, services, or additional information.

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